How big is the risk of another Black Monday equities crash? – Financial Times – 17/10/2017

Art Cashin recalls the heady atmosphere that dominated the New York Stock Exchange for much of 1987. After five or six straight days of the market rallying, senior partners at brokerage trading desks would instruct the junior partners to “lighten up a little bit”, Mr Cashin says. “When they did, the market just went [...]

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Share of wind and solar in total electricity generation in selected countries

“Wind and solar shares are rapidly increasing in some countries, calling for increased flexibility in power systems.”

Share of wind and solar in total electricity generation in selected countries


Source: Renewable Energy Division, International Energy Agency - September , 2017.

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The population is growing, the amount of arable land per person is decreasing

“Merely 3 percent of the Earth’s surface is used as arable land. Only18 percent of that – or 0.5 percent of the Earth’s surface – can be used for growing food crops. Strong population growth has led to an increased demand for food. By the middle of the century, the demand for agricultural products will [...]

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Flights worldwide face increased risk of severe turbulence due to climate change – Science Daily – 04/10/2017

Flights all around the world could be encountering lots more turbulence in the future, according to the first ever global projections of in-flight bumpiness.

Source:  Science Daily, 04/10/2017

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IMF warns of ‘vulnerabilities’ that could derail global recovery – Financial Times – 08/10/2017

The International Monetary Fund has warned that good times in the global economy mask longer-term risks, including a $135tn debt pile in G20 nations that companies and consumers are already finding difficult to service.

Source:  Financial Times, 08/10/2017

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Credit-market shock could catch investors flatfooted: IMF – The Globe and Mail – 11/10/2017

A shock to credit markets could catch investors flatfooted and derail a global economic recovery that is largely strengthening, according to the International Monetary Fund.

Source:  The Globe and Mail, 11/10/2017

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Index of conflict risk between food security and biodiversity

“The majority of countries with the highest rank, where low food security and high biodiversity simultaneously occur, are located in the tropics. These countries are most at risk of biodiversity being exploited to meet nutritional needs, as there are few alternatives. The country with the lowest combined rank was Ireland, followed by Canada and Sweden, [...]

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Flirting with disaster? World Bank’s push for climate insurance questioned – Bretton Woods Project – 28/09/2017

In August, the World Bank announced a new sovereign catastrophe risk insurance programme in the Philippines, which provides $206 million worth of aggregate coverage for federal government assets from earthquakes and typhoons, as well as providing typhoon insurance for 25 provincial governments. The Bank noted, “Under this new program government-owned insurance agency Government Service [...]

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More Than 60% of FTSE 100 Companies Not Reporting Climate Risks – Sustainable Brands – 02/10/2017

Despite growing investor demand for information surrounding businesses’ social and environmental performance, a new report from Carbon Clear has revealed that 61 FTSE 100 companies are not assessing or not disclosing climate risk in their annual reports.

Source:  Sustainable Brands, 02/10/2017

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International Monetary Fund warns of ‘risks down the road’ from global debt build-up – City A.M. – 03/10/2017

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) today warned that increasing leverage levels in financial markets may signal “risks down the road” for the global economy, despite benign current conditions.

Source:  City A.M., 03/10/2017

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