Subnational studies cover a large number of cities across all regions of the world

“Subnational studies cover all regions of the world and economies of varying income levels, including fragile and conflict-affected states such as Afghanistan, which completed a subnational Doing Business study in 2017 (see map). Ongoing studies include those in Nigeria (36 states and the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja) and four EU member states (Croatia, the [...]

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Deutsche Bank maps climate change risks for investments – The Sydney Morning Herald – 09/11/2017

Deutsche Bank has developed a tool to forecast where its investments across the globe may be impacted by natural disasters brought on by climate change.

Source:  The Sydney Morning Herald, 2017/11/09

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In 2017, Investors Can Either Buy Bubbles or Be Left Far Behind – Bloomberg – 09/11/2017

A portfolio stuffed with allegedly over-inflated assets would have returned more than 120 percent so far in 2017, trouncing the S&P 500 Index and underscoring the challenge for investors facing a plethora of pricey securities.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/11/09

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Climate change is top concern among foreign policy experts: poll – Axios – 08/11/2017

The Pew Research Center came out with a report yesterday that compares public opinion in various countries against the views of a group of foreign policy experts. Climate was the top concern among the 547 policy experts surveyed about various "threats," with 70% calling it a "major" threat to their country. Other "threats" they were [...]

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Final energy use per capita and fuel mix in selected low, middle and high-income countries

“Historically, the pathway to economic growth has largely been a consequence of a shift away from an agrarian based economy towards industrialisation and a knowledge-based economy. Such structural changes in an economy in turn change its patterns and levels of energy consumption and shift the types of fuels and energy technologies it utilises. Economic and [...]

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The relationship between per-capita final energy consumption and income in developing countries

“This figure shows the relationship between fuel use and income across a range of developing countries. In low-income countries, final consumption of energy in the residential, services, industry and transport sectors is low and is comprised mainly of biomass. In high-income developing countries, the fuel mix is much more diverse and the overall amount of [...]

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Climate change is putting more homes at risk of wildfire – Inman – 17/10/2017

Last week’s wildfire disaster in Northern California has drawn renewed attention to the impact of climate change on patterns of real estate development. As a counterpoint to the attraction of waterfront property despite hurricane risks, the beauty of Northern California and other western regions has always been accompanied by a certain level of wildfire risk.

Source: [...]

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Investment needs – economic infrastructure

“54% of the world’s need will be in Asia, the bulk of this in the world’s two fastest-growing and most populous countries. China will account for 34% of global need and India 8%. Investment will continue to shift to emerging markets; nearly two-thirds of global infrastructure investment in the period to 2035 is required in [...]

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LNG buyer types 2022

“Global LNG imports are expected to grow from around 355 bcm in 2016 (including re-exports) to over 460 bcm in 2022. Taking the 2016 position in the types’ matrix as a starting point, a number of buyers move their position towards a higher share of LNG in their natural gas supply, and nine new countries [...]

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The IMF and Climate Change: Three Things Christine Lagarde Can Do to Cement Her Legacy on Climate – IPS News Agency – 11/10/2017

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and climate change do not often appear in the same headline together. Indeed, environmental issues have been, at most, peripheral to the Fund’s core functions. But now economists inside and outside the IMF are beginning to understand that climate change has significant implications for national and regional economies, and so [...]

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