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The Industrial Strategy And Support For Disruptive Innovation – The Huffington Post – 01/03/2017

The government has a tricky challenge ahead with their new Industrial Strategy.

Source:  Huffington Post, 2017/03/01

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U.K. Recession Risk Falling Back to Pre-Referendum Level – Bloomberg – 17/01/2017

The probability of the U.K. slipping into recession in the next 12 months are falling back toward the level seen before the Brexit vote in June. Economists put the odds of a recession over the next year at 20 percent versus 30 percent in December and a record high of nearly 50 percent in August. [...]

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UK, China, South Africa downgrade calls loom for Moody’s – Reuters – 05/01/2017

Moody's is likely to make key rating calls on Britain, China and South Africa among others this year as rising political risk and debt levels push the number of countries on a downgrade warning back to a record high. From Europe's Brexit strains and looming elections to the battles of China, South Africa and Brazil [...]

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Brexit poses risk to Ireland’s energy security – The Times – 29/12/2016

Brexit could force the government to seek an exemption on rules relating to oil reserves and has thrown up a number of “tricky” issues in relation to the country’s energy security, a senior minister has warned. Denis Naughten, the communications, climate action and environment minister, said that he was hoping the UK could avoid tariffs [...]

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Major flooding in UK now likely every year, warns lead climate adviser – The Guardian – 26/12/2016

A year after severe floods in wake of Storm Desmond, John Krebs says ministers still have no coherent long-term plan to deal with it.

Source:  The Guardian, 2016/12/26

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Britain facing energy crisis that could see families pay extra to keep the lights on while neighbours ‘sit in the dark’ – The Telegraph – 12/12/2016

Britain's increasing reliance on "intermittent" renewable energy means that the country is facing an unprecedented supply crisis, a senior Ofgem executive has warned.

Source:  The Telegraph, 2016/12/12

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UK’s public debt expected to reach 2 trillion euros – Daily Sabah – 25/11/2016

The public debt of the U.K. is expected to reach 2 trillion euros by 2021, due to slowing economic growth, declining tax revenues and fewer investments, attributable to the country's secession from the EU and Brexit referendum on June 23 which triggered major shifts in the country's economy.

Source:  Daily Sabah, 2016/11/25

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Britain has little room for business tax cuts, Dutch warn – Reuters – 22/11/2016

Britain's budget deficit and high public debt levels will make it hard for the country to introduce business tax cuts to stem an exodus of corporations from the country after it leaves the European Union, the Dutch finance minister said on Tuesday.

Source:  Reuters, 2016/11/22

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UK Can Finally Go Full Wind Power, Experts Claim – Nature World News – 10/11/2016

According to the UK's largest wind farm operator, it may well be time for the United Kingdom to run on full wind power as its plans to sell its "oil and gas" division. Dong Energy's chief executive is planning to sell its oil and gas division after claiming the UK has already met an inflection [...]

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UK public debt won’t fall until end of decade after Brexit: IFS – Reuters – 07/11/2016

Britain will only start to lower public debt as a share of GDP at the end of the decade due to a Brexit-related hit to the economy, a think tank said, underscoring finance minister Philip Hammond's challenge as he prepares his first budget statement.

Source:  Reuters, 2016/11/07

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