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UK: Energy policy needs more truth and less rhetoric – Business Green – 06/09/2017

The REA's James Court assesses the debates likely to surround the forthcoming Clean Growth Plan and the Energy Costs Review

Source:  Business Green, 06/09/2017

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SSE issues new green bond – London Loves Business – 31/08/2017

SSE issues new green bond

Source:  London Loves Business, 2017/08/31

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Banks dealing EU sovereign debt may be dragged out of London – Reuters – 26/07/2017

Banks at the heart of EU government borrowing could be forced to move some operations out of London if they want to hold on to that business after Brexit, according to three senior bankers with knowledge of the matter.

Source:  Reuters, 2017/07/26

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Scotland sets renewable energy record as wind power provides equivalent of 118% of nation’s electricity – Independent – 24/07/2017

Wind power output in Scotland has helped set a new record for the first half of the year, according to an independent conservation group.

Source:  Independent, 2017/07/24

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The coal truth: how a major energy source lost its power in Britain – The Guardian – 19/07/2017

Coal supplied just 2% of power in the first half of 2017, marking a steep decline from just five years ago, according to analysis by Imperial College

Source:  The Guardian, 2017/07/19

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The harder the Brexit, the worse the climate impact, study warns – The Irish Times – 06/07/2017

Institute of International and European Affairs report shows climate damage of Brexit

Source:  The Irish Times, 2017/07/06

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UK: ministers admit country ‘has work to do’ to meet 2020 goal of 15% renewable energy – PV Magazine – 03/07/2017

Figures released by U.K. government ahead of the G20 Summit show U.K. was at 8.9% renewable energy penetration at the end of 2016. EU target for 2020 is 15%, and Conservative ministers admit there is still work to do.

Source:  PV Magazine, 2017/07/03

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Britain Has It ‘Totally Wrong’ on Approach to Energy, Ineos Says – Bloomberg – 27/06/2017

Britain’s investment in the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant and its bias toward wind power over solar is wrong for the country, according to Britain’s largest closely held company.*

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/06/27

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UK government announces $44.42 million funding for ‘innovative clean energy projects’ – CNBC – 21/06/2017

The U.K. government has announced £35 million ($44.42 million) in funding for two clean energy projects as part of a wider program that aims to support innovation across the country's energy sector.

Source:  CNBC, 2017/06/21

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London remains top ‘city of influence’ in Europe – Property EU – 15/06/2017

Capital is continuing to pour into European real estate but cities rather than countries are becoming increasingly important as investment destinations, delegates heard at PropertyEU's European Outlook H2 Investment Briefing, which was held in London on Thursday.

Source:  Property EU, 2017/06/15

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