Swedish Banks Start Adding Risk Weights to Government Bonds – Bloomberg – 16/07/2017

Regulations have historically implied that government bonds are risk-free. But Greece’s near-death experience quickly made a mockery of that assertion. Now, Sweden is taking the next step and banks in the country are starting to assign risk weights bigger than zero to the government bonds on their balance sheets.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/07/16

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Four top-rated countries exposed to housing correction – Moody’s – Reuters – 11/04/2017

The Moody's report titled 'Credit Profiles Resilient to Rising Household Debt and Stretched Housing Affordability' focused on Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Sweden - all AAA rated countries where home prices and household debt have soared in the last three years.

Source:  Reuters, 2017/04/11

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Sweden sets 100% renewable energy production target – Windpower Monthly – 16/01/2017

A roadmap to help Sweden achieve "100% renewable energy production by 2040" has been laid out by the country's parliamentary energy commission.

Source:  Windpower Monthly, 2017/01/16

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Sweden Just Took Another Step to Being All-Clean Energy by 2040 – Inverse – 21/11/2016

Sweden’s plan to change that on Monday took another step forward when its finance ministry announced plans to only use clean energy by 2040. Sweden is already said to get 86 percent of its energy from hydropower and nuclear power. Yet the country has been slow to adopt solar energy, which makes up less than [...]

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Sweden To Reach 100% Renewable Electricity By 2040, According To Reuters – Clean Technica – 28/10/2016

A Reuters report quoting a top Swedish regulatory official has revealed that Sweden is on track to be 100% renewable electricity reliant by 2040.

Source:  Clean Technica, 2016/10/28

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Sweden on target to run entirely on renewable energy by 2040 – The Independent – 26/10/2016

Sweden is on target to run entirely on renewable energy within the next 25 years, a regulatory official has said. Last year, 57 per cent of Sweden's power came from renewables such as hydropower and wind sources, with the remainder coming from nuclear power.

Source:  The Independent, 2016/10/26

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Sweden allocates USD 1.5bn for climate change, renewables

Sweden announced on Tuesday it will set aside SEK 12.9 billion (USD 1.53bn/EUR 1.36bn) for investments in greenhouse gas emission reduction, fossil-fuel-free travel and renewable energy projects in the period 2017-2020. This is the largest climate and environment budget Sweden has ever announced, the government said in a statement.

Source:  SeeNews, 2016/09/07

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Sweden decides it’s not so easy to give up nuclear power

Until recently, Sweden's nuclear reactors — which provide 40 percent of the nation's electricity — were on track to close prematurely in the coming years, as government policies favored renewables. But last week, the country switched course. Under a new agreement, Sweden will get rid of a key tax that had been hurting nuclear, allowing [...]

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Boost to nuclear energy as Sweden agrees to build more reactors

New plants will replace older ones being phased out

Source:  FT, 2016/06/10

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Major Swedish parties agree to 100% renewable goal by 2040

The five parties, including the coalition government, have agreed on a policy framework for long term future of the country's power generation, which includes the ambitious target of being 100% renewable by 2040.

Source:  pv magazine, 2016/06/13

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