Spanish Crisis Sends Debt Insurance Costs Surging Across Southern Europe – New York Times – 04/10/2017

Spain's deepening political crisis drove up the cost of insuring exposure to Spanish sovereign and bank debt to multi-month highs on Wednesday and rippled out to Italian and Portuguese credit default swap (CDS) markets.

Source:  New York Times, 04/10/2017

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Catalonian crisis drags European bourses down, banks fall – Reuters – 04/10/2017

European shares fell on Wednesday with Spain’s IBEX marking its biggest loss since last year’s Brexit vote shook equity markets. The impact of the crisis in Catalonia spread from Madrid and Spanish banks to the wider industry and euro zone region, particularly Italy.

Source:  Reuters, 04/10/2017

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Investment in the Eurozone to move from a cyclical to a sustainable recovery: It’s now or never!

What is missing in the Old Continent to move from a cyclical recovery to a strong and sustainable recovery? Investment! Even if the answer seems obvious, investment is still lacking in the Eurozone. Yet, from a cyclical point of view, all the planets seem to be aligned to restart investment. Indeed, according to Eurostat in [...]

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Spain will be run on 100 per cent renewables, energy boss vows – The Independent – 24/10/2016

Some 29 million homes are already being powered by wind energy in Spain every day.

Source:  The Independent, 2016/10/24

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Spain: Public debt to remain above 60% until 2036 – Catalonia Today – 23/09/2016

According to the findings of the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (Airef) presented by the public debt observatory in Madrid yesterday, the profile of Spanish public debt relative to GDP will remain “sustainable or decreasing”, especially from 2018 onwards, even if all branches of government taken as a whole will not reach the target of [...]

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AFD on the path of climate change-oriented reforms… and so are we

Fighting against climate change is this century’s battle. It involves not only our future, but also the future of our children, and Gael Giraud, Chief economist of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) knows it. On Thursday, he was once again invited on national radio to explain his views and used a very sensible metaphor.
- Imagine a [...]

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Italy, Spain Seen Most Vulnerable to Sovereign Caps Risk…

…should European Union finance ministers decide to impose restrictions on bank holdings of sovereign bonds, which are currently treated riskfree.

Source: Bloomberg. Italy, Spain Seen Most Vulnerable to Sovereign Caps Risk: Chart. 22 April 2016.

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Shale gas in Poland: not the same story as in the U.S.

Within Europe, Poland is known to be one of the most pro-American countries. 74% of Polish people have a favorable view of the U.S. (Pew Research Center, 2015). This has may be one of the factors that have led Poland to try to replicate on its territory the U.S. shale boom. Indeed the country has [...]

Solar energy potential in the European Union: Portugal and Spain at an advantage even in comparison with Italy and Greece

Source: Stratego (Co-funded by the IEE Programme of the European Union). Peta, the Pan-European Thermal Atlas: renewable energy. As of April 2016.

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Spanish Debt Lures Foreign Buyers in Face of Political Impasse

Foreign investors are unperturbed by Spain’s lack of a new government. At a sale of 5 billion euros ($5.5 billion) of new 30-year securities on Tuesday, foreign investors bought 85 percent of the bonds, according to a statement from the Madrid-based Treasury, increasing the portion from 65 percent in similar sales previously.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2016/03/09

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