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Puerto Rico Makes Unprecedented Move To Restructure Billions In Debt – Wuft – 03/05/2017

Puerto Rico has asked for a form of bankruptcy protection to help it grapple with more than $70 billion in public-sector debt. The unprecedented maneuver, requested by the governor and filed shortly afterward by a federal oversight board, sets in motion what would likely be the largest municipal debt restructuring in U.S. history.

Source:  Wuft, 2017/05/03

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Greece Agrees to Tighten Belt Again in Return for Further Bailout Funds – The New York Times – 02/05/2017

Greece and its international creditors said on Tuesday that they had reached a preliminary deal allowing the country to receive crucial bailout payments in exchange for promises to raise taxes and to further cut pensions and social spending.

Source:  The New York Times, 2017/05/02

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Top-Performing Bond Fund Thrives on Risks That Most Others Dodge – Bloomberg – 02/05/2017

Pioneer buys Turkey, Nigeria, sees assets outperforming peers Bond fund has beaten 98 percent of rivals over five years

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/05/02

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Macri Increases Argentine Debt by Almost $80 Billion – TeleSur – 30/04/2017

Macri's party, the External Debt Observatory of the Metropolitan University for Education and Labor said, hiked the foreign currency debt over $25bn.

Source:  TeleSur, 2017/04/30

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Debt in India and China: Two contrasting stories — and the big picture – Gulf News – 28/04/2017

Sustaining economic growth for a long period of time is great, but can the same be said about debt-fuelled growth?

Source:  Gulf News, 2017/04/28

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How Emerging Market Sovereign Bonds Stack Up – Seeking Alpha – 28/04/2017

Investor demand for emerging market (EM) debt has been strong lately, as the near-term risk of trade wars has faded and income seekers have flocked to the asset class’s higher yields. EM debt funds saw 12 straight weeks of inflows, the longest streak since the U.S. election, according to EPFR Global data through the week [...]

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Global PMIs roll over – Macro Business – 04/05/2017

April PMI data suggests the manufacturing recovery is slowing, with worse performance from China and the US. But the fall in the global PMI needs to be seen in context of its recent surge which had seemed an implausible guide to likely growth in the hard output data.

Source:  Macro Business, 2017/05/04

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Majority of Asian economies are expected to see short-term gains – Japan Times – 04/05/2017

The Asian Development Bank on April 6 released the Asian Development Outlook 2017. The ADB’s flagship annual report analyzes economic performance in the past year and offers forecasts for the next two years for the 45 economies in Asia and the Pacific that make up developing Asia.

Source:  Japan Times, 2017/05/04

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Singapore central bank sees modest GDP growth, demand-driven price pressures subdued – The Straits Times – 27/04/2017

A slack labour market, falling business rents and weak economic sentiment in Singapore point to restrained inflationary pressures, the country’s central bank said on Thursday as it forecast continued modest and uneven economic growth.

Source:  The Straits Times, 2017/04/27

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Australia : IMF says public debt to lighten, not so says government – The Australian – 27/04/2017

Australia’s public debt burden, which has ratcheted up from around zero to $490 billion over the past decade, is apparently about to lighten.

Source:  The Australian, 2017/04/27

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