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Russia Braces for Debt Blowback If U.S. Stiffens Its Sanctions – Bloomberg – 07/11/2017

Russia is prepared for higher borrowing costs in the market as a result of concerns about possible U.S. sanctions, although the budget fallout would be limited, according to Deputy Finance Minister Vladimir Kolychev.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/11/07

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Russian Rivalries: A Tale of Two Energy Firms – Stratfor – 07/09/2017

As overall energy revenue in Russia has decreased in recent years, oil giant Rosneft has aggressively attempted to expand its influence. Rosneft hopes to translate its power into major changes in the energy landscape, such as ending rival Gazprom's monopoly over piped natural gas exports. Rosneft's increasing influence has allowed its leader, Igor Sechin, to [...]

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A Big Russian Bank Just Couldn’t Stay Private – Bloomberg – 30/08/2017

Otkritie Bank's fate is another sign of the relentless, and risky, nationalization of the Russian economy.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/08/30

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Russia, China Ink $11 Billion in Partnership Deals – Investitutional Investor – 05/07/2017

A Russian sovereign wealth fund announces the launch of a $10 billion co-investment fund with China’s development bank and is pairing with China’s sovereign wealth fund for another $1 billion investment.

Source:  Investitutional Investor, 2017/07/05

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Armenia To Choose Between Energy Diversification And Loyalty To Russia – – 01/07/2017

In mid-June, the CEO of Russia’s gas monopolist Gazprom, Alexei Miller, paid a spontaneous visit to Yerevan, where he met with Armenia’s Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan.

Source:, 2017/07/01

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Russia taps strong demand for emerging market debt – FT – 26/06/2017

Russian institutions have sold the highest amount of new debt since the country was hit with international sanctions three years ago, as borrowers seek to take advantage of robust investor appetite for emerging markets.

Source:  FT, 2017/06/26

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India-Russia plan alternate credit rating agency to Moody’s, S&P, develop 2 more nuclear power plant units – India.Com – 02/06/2017

India and Russia will also hold 'Indra-2017', the first joint tri-Services exercise this year.

Source:  India.Com, 2017/06/02

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Top-Performing Bond Fund Thrives on Risks That Most Others Dodge – Bloomberg – 02/05/2017

Pioneer buys Turkey, Nigeria, sees assets outperforming peers Bond fund has beaten 98 percent of rivals over five years

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/05/02

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Russia plans $600 bln. investment for Arctic oil – Anadolu Agency – 30/03/2017

Oil prices need to be between $70- $100 per barrel to produce profitable oil from the North Pole, says Russia's Energy Min.

Source:  Anadolu Agency, 2017/03/30

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U.S. Nuclear Setback Is a Boon to Russia, China – Bloomberg – 30/03/2017

The bankruptcy of Westinghouse Electric Co., the Pittsburgh-based nuclear power company, is a geopolitical setback for the U.S. It halts a long-standing U.S. effort to get Eastern European countries to buy U.S. rather than Russian fuel, and leaves state-controlled Russian and Chinese companies the dominant suppliers in the huge global market for nuclear technology.

Source:  Bloomberg, [...]

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