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South African Utility Eskom Gets $1.3 Billion Loan For Renewable Energy Transmission Grid

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has announced a $1.34 billion loan to South African utility Eskom for the expansion and strengthening of its transmission network. This exercise will enable Eskom to procure more renewable energy.

Source:  Clean Technica, 2016/07/18

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South Korea To Invest $36 Billion In Renewable Energy By 2020

South Korea’s government unveiled a plan Tuesday to invest about 42 trillion won ($36.6 billion) in developing renewable energy industries, such as solar and wind power and eco-friendly power plants, by 2020.

Source:  International Business Times, 2016/07/05

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New legislation on renewable energy threatens wider Polish power system warns Moody’s

New legislation in Poland on the renewable energy sector is set to reduce investment, Moody’s warned on June 29. That could reduce crucial generation capacity. Poland is pressing to reduce the role of renewable energy sector in its energy mix, in a bid to instead support the country's struggling coal mines, which already provide fuel [...]

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Climate deal caps North American leaders’ summit

The leaders of Canada, the United States and Mexico ended a quick one-day summit celebrating a new continental climate deal and pushing for international co-operation in the face of an isolationist streak in Western politics. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, U.S. President Barack Obama, and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto announced a new climate and clean [...]

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Solar Energy to Power India of the Future

The World Bank Group (WBG) is helping India deliver on its plans with more than $1 billion in lending over FY 2017. This is the Bank’s largest-ever support for solar power in any country.

Source:  World Bank, 2016/06/30

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Chile’s Impressive Renewables Growth May Soon Come to an End

Chile leads the way in renewables in Latin America. But growth may slow as the transmission network remains constricted, spot prices rise and the country’s mining sector slumps.

Source:  GreenTech Media, 2016/06/29

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Will the uptake of renewables be quicker than for older energy sources?

Source: BP. Presentation of the Statistical Review of World Energy by Spencer Dale, June 2016.

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Major Swedish parties agree to 100% renewable goal by 2040

The five parties, including the coalition government, have agreed on a policy framework for long term future of the country's power generation, which includes the ambitious target of being 100% renewable by 2040.

Source:  pv magazine, 2016/06/13

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Obama strikes major clean energy finance deal with India

The U.S. and India struck a deal Tuesday to finance as much as $1 billion in solar energy projects in the South Asian nation, while announcing next steps for a landmark nuclear energy project in the country.

Source:  Washington Examiner, 2016/06/07

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Africa: Mega Dams Remain Controversial Source of Energy

Although mega dams can have devastating impacts on ecosystems and indigenous communities, many of the world's poorest countries still see them as a way to fill gaping holes in their energy supplies.

Source:, 2016/06/06

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