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UK, China, South Africa downgrade calls loom for Moody’s – Reuters – 05/01/2017

Moody's is likely to make key rating calls on Britain, China and South Africa among others this year as rising political risk and debt levels push the number of countries on a downgrade warning back to a record high. From Europe's Brexit strains and looming elections to the battles of China, South Africa and Brazil [...]

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A Problem China Cannot Outgrow – Stratfor – 29/12/2016

Forecast • China's corporate debt has climbed to levels that, in other countries, have led to financial crises. • But the debt-for-equity swap program Beijing adopted this year will not solve its problems, and China will not be able to grow itself out of trouble again. • The Chinese government will have to either sacrifice [...]

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Major flooding in UK now likely every year, warns lead climate adviser – The Guardian – 26/12/2016

A year after severe floods in wake of Storm Desmond, John Krebs says ministers still have no coherent long-term plan to deal with it.

Source:  The Guardian, 2016/12/26

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Argentine finance minister fired as ministry reorganized amid recession – Reuters – 26/12/2016

Argentine President Mauricio Macri has asked Finance Minister Alfonso Prat-Gay to step down, cabinet chief Marcos Pena said on Monday, citing disagreements over management style and the structure of the team charged with handling economic policy. Prat-Gay's departure is part of a reorganization under which the Finance Ministry will be split in two as the [...]

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Swiss Voters Divided Over Costly Environmental Policy Choices – The Wire – 25/12/2016

In Switzerland, specific and often costly environmental policies are put to test through direct democracy.

Source:  The Wire, 2016/12/25

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Fitch: Political Risk Dominates Western Europe Sovereign Outlook – Reuters – 06/12/2016

Political risk facing Europe in 2017 has been ratcheted up by the surge in support for populist and eurosceptic political parties across the continent, key elections in France, Germany and the Netherlands, Brexit negotiations, President-elect Trump, immigration pressures, terrorism threats and difficult relations with Russia and Turkey. Fitch Ratings does not expect populist, eurosceptic parties [...]

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Fitch: Political Risk Looms Large for Global Sovereigns in 2017 – Business Standard – 29/11/2016

Global sovereigns face elevated levels of political risk and uncertainty in 2017, says Fitch Ratings, embodied by the unexpected election of President-elect Donald Trump in the US and the UK's Brexit vote in June. These risks are reflected in a trend away from political orthodoxy that reduces the predictability of policy direction in advanced countries [...]

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Nigeria’s Oil Industry Churns On – Stratfor – 18/11/2016

Throughout the year, Nigeria's oil sector has been caught in a cycle of sporadic attacks and fitful negotiations to resolve local grievances and restore peace — and oil production — in the Niger Delta.

Source:  Stratfor, 2016/11/18

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Italy faces fiscal moment of truth with December referendum – The Hill – 17/11/2016

It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of Italy's forthcoming referendum, not only for the Italian economic outlook, but also for that of the eurozone as a whole. If Prime Minister Matteo Renzi wins that constitutional reform referendum on Dec. 4, Italy could probably keep muddling along with its very troubled and highly indebted economy. [...]

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EU’s Juncker demands clarity from Trump on trade, climate, NATO – Reuters – 10/11/2016

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called on Thursday for clarity from Donald Trump on issues such as global trade, climate policy and future relations with NATO allies following his U.S. victory in the presidential election.

Source:  Reuters, 2016/11/10

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