Green swans: don’t forget magnitude to assess sovereign risks!

In his famous book “Fooled by Randomness”, Nassim Taleb tells he was once asked his view on the stock market during a meeting. While in his view the market had a 70% probability to go up but, he supported a strong short position on SP500 futures, betting the market would go down. This might sound [...]

Gov’t and opposition clash over Poland’s energy future

Answering questions regarding government plans for a nuclear power plant, Polish PM Ewa Kopacz said Monday that Polish energy security is based on coal.

Source:  Radio Poland, 2015/10/05

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Poland starting to build large coal-energy group – PM Kopacz

Poland has started to build a large fuel-energy group with its decision to transfer the European Union's largest coal miner to a state-controlled fund to avoid the miner's bankruptcy, Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said.

Source:  Reuters, 2015/10/03

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Poland Ends Emerging-Bond Drought as Romania Plans Offering

Poland sold the first euro-denominated bond by an emerging-market nation in five weeks, offering 10-year notes to boost its foreign-currency cache before the Federal Reserve raises interest rates. Emerging-market issuers are returning to international debt markets after concern over the slowdown in China roiled financial markets in August.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2015/09/02

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Polish manufacturers hit by power cuts

Poland’s factories and industrial plants have been forced to reduce production because of power cuts and energy supply restrictions. Global carmakers and big automotive suppliers as well as steel group ArcelorMittal and chemical major Grupa Azoty were among those hit by the power cutbacks, which are the first such restrictions since the country emerged from [...]

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Poland fights for coal, but Russia may benefit

Poland's defense of coal, which has been a measure of energy independence from Russia, might actually be an asset to the Kremlin's influence. That is because cheap Russian coal is grabbing a growing share of Poland’s market, while local coal producers bleed red ink thanks to high production costs and very low prices.

Source:  Politico, [...]

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Zero-percent club spreading as Poland seeks to emulate AAA peers

The world of zero percent borrowing costs is spreading into eastern Europe. On the tail of AAA ranked countries such as Germany and Switzerland, Poland is now pushing for zero rates or less despite having a credit score six levels lower. A potential debt sale could involve financial derivatives, Deputy Finance Minister Artur Radziwill [...]

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