The energy transition away from oil : climate-related policy or wider strategic move ?

Until recently, the issue of energy transition was mainly dealt with in terms of structure of power generation capacities. Why ? Quite simply because this sector concentrates the highest potential of massive energy substitutions. Endogenous technological innovation, a more and more precise and relevant support from a large number of States, and a host of [...]

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OPEC revenues from oil exports hits 445.7bln – Hellenic Shipping News – 15/06/2017

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) expects non-OPEC oil supply to increase by 0.5 million barrels per day in the second half of 2017, as compared to the first half of 2017 to average 58.4 million barrels per day, the cartel said in a monthly oil market report published on June 13.

Source:  Hellenic Shipping [...]

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2016 most attacked country’s in Oil & Gas

In its 2017 guide to Political Risk, Terrorism & Political Violence, Aon shows the impact of terrorist attacks on the oil & gas sector:

“Targeting trends over the past ten years show that oil and gas infrastructure has been one of the most targeted businesses sectors globally, with nearly 700 attacks since 2010. By far the [...]

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Refinery utilisation rates worldwide

The latest OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report provides a broad a broad presentation of latest oil statistics. This week we show the level of refinery utilization rates that have been on the rise worldwide: “Following the peak of the global refinery maintenance season, more than 4 mb/d of capacity came online during last two months [...]

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Oil back above $50 as Opec agrees supply cut – FT – 30/11/2016

Compact to axe 1.2m b/d major policy reversal for Saudis. Saudi Arabia will shoulder the bulk of the production cuts, reducing output by almost 500,000 b/d to 10m b/d, while Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates agreed to curbs of 300,000 b/d of production.

Source:  FT, 2016/11/30

Opec says progress made on output deal, but key questions unanswered – Energy Voice – 19/11/2016

OPEC said it made progress toward a deal to cut production by more than 1 million barrels a day after another round of oil talks with Russia, but left crucial details including the role of Iraq and Iran to be resolved later this month.

Source:  Energy Voice, 2016/11/19

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Nigeria’s Oil Industry Churns On – Stratfor – 18/11/2016

Throughout the year, Nigeria's oil sector has been caught in a cycle of sporadic attacks and fitful negotiations to resolve local grievances and restore peace — and oil production — in the Niger Delta.

Source:  Stratfor, 2016/11/18

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Net oil imports IEA 2040 scenarios

The IEA has released its World Energy Outlook 2016 on the 16th November 2016. Based on its analysis of the evolution of net oil imports, it shows for example that “The energy transition provides instruments to address traditional energy security concerns, while shifting attention to electricity supply”.

Net oil imports IEA 2040 scenarios

Source: IEA. World Energy [...]

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Iraq Reveals Oilfields Output to Win Over OPEC Ahead of Meeting – Bloomberg – 30/10/2016

Iraq published data showing a rare level of detail for its oil production and exports, a week after inviting energy reporters to Baghdad to make a case that the country is pumping more crude than analysts and OPEC acknowledge.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2016/10/30

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Oil Investors Ease Back as Market Steadies Before OPEC Talks – Bloomberg – 24/10/2016

Oil investors are playing it safe as OPEC hammers out the details of a deal to trim output. Money managers reduced bets on falling prices to the lowest since May as oil held above $50 a barrel, prolonging a rally that began when the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries announced a deal to cut production [...]

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