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World’s largest annual exporters of emissions

Oil Change International just published a new report showing the country breakdown of GHG emissions implied by fossil fuels emissions.

“As the world moves beyond gas, oil, and coal, this will become an increasingly moral issue: comparable to production and export of asbestos when its domestic use has been phased-out.”

World’s largest annual exporters of emissions

Note: Emission based on [...]

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Floods in Texas: a reality check for Trump’s cabinet?

Tropical storm Harvey is currently causing extreme flooding in the state of Texas, where 54 counties have been declared state disaster areas. In the city of Huston, it reached diluvian proportions, forcing thousands of people to flee. About 300,000 people at least are without electricity, emergency services are overwhelmed by claims for help, and so [...]

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World Crude Oil Production by Selected Countries

The U.S. Energy Information Administration published in April 2017 its Monthly Energy Review. The next chart shows the evolution of Oil production between January 2016 and January 2017. We can see that Saudi Arabia reduced its production by 2.2% over the period.

World Crude Oil Production by Selected Countries (million Barrels per Day)

Source: U.S. Energy Information [...]

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Upstream earnings and Brent oil price (group of 91 companies globally)

The U.S. EIA’s Short-Term Energy Outlook of December 2016 analyzed earnings of 91 companies involved in upstream production in the U.S. According to this analysis, profits improved in the recent period, which could support investment, in particular if oil prices increase. However, earnings remain weak and this trend should continue to be monitored. As described:
“In [...]

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The oil market: why you should stop, think and only maybe act

It probably occurred to you that the oil price skyrocketed yesterday during trading hours, in the wake of the OPEC reunion held in in Vienna. Following the Algiers summit, last September, the market was hoping for some news regarding a potential output cut and made up a hype mostly from scratch. Consequently, the WTI that [...]

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World crude oil production overview for selected producers

In its U.S. EIA Monthly Energy Review of November 2016, the U.S. EIA updated its overview of global crude oil production for selected producers. Production continues to grow in Iran or Saudi Arabia but it has been declining in the U.S. since early 2015.

World crude oil production overview for selected producers (million barrels per day)

Source: [...]

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Net oil imports IEA 2040 scenarios

The IEA has released its World Energy Outlook 2016 on the 16th November 2016. Based on its analysis of the evolution of net oil imports, it shows for example that “The energy transition provides instruments to address traditional energy security concerns, while shifting attention to electricity supply”.

Net oil imports IEA 2040 scenarios

Source: IEA. World Energy [...]

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Oil production cut announcement in Algiers: OPEC plays it like the FED

It did not take long for media to trumpet that OPEC reached an historical agreement in Algiers on September 28th and for markets to react accordingly. It seems the vast majority of observers and investors are buying the story of a concerted action among OPEC producers, possibly extending beyond OPEC, which will promptly eliminate current [...]

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Estimated historical unplanned oil production outages

Estimated historical unplanned OPEC crude oil production outages

million barrels per day

Source: U.S. EIA. Short-Term Energy Outlook. September 2016.


Estimated historical unplanned non-OPEC liquid fuels production outages

million barrels per day

Source: U.S. EIA. Short-Term Energy Outlook. September 2016.


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Economic prospects for oil production in 2025

70% of production from pre-FID developments achieve commerciality at US$60/bbl, delivering 9 million b/d of new production by 2025. Most of this production comes from new drilling in US tight oil plays. If prices remain at $50/bbl, then many major conventional projects are at risk of deferral or cancellation. So which projects will breakeven and [...]

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