New Zealand

NZ faces housing, dairy and bank risks say RBNZ – NZHerald – 31/05/2017

New Zealand's financial system is sound but housing market vulnerabilities remain a key risk and the central bank still wants to curb high debt-to-income lending if necessary, it said in its twice-yearly financial stability report.

Source:  NZHerald, 2017/05/31

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New Zealand : Green Party’s energy policy offers discount on winter power bills – NZHerald – 20/04/2017

The Greens announced the policy in Wellington today. It reiterated the party's goal of 100 per cent renewable electricity, laid out plans to phase out fossil fuel generation, and would require power and lines companies to be more accountable and innovative.

Source:  NZHerald, 2017/04/20

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Four top-rated countries exposed to housing correction – Moody’s – Reuters – 11/04/2017

The Moody's report titled 'Credit Profiles Resilient to Rising Household Debt and Stretched Housing Affordability' focused on Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Sweden - all AAA rated countries where home prices and household debt have soared in the last three years.

Source:  Reuters, 2017/04/11

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New Zealand Set To Emerge As Global Leader In Renewables & Smart Energy Systems, Says IEA – Clean Technica – 21/02/2017

For some time now, New Zealand has been a global renewable energy and energy efficiency leader, with strong and lofty ambitions and robust policies to make these ambitions happen. A new report from the International Energy Agency highlights the many ways in which New Zealand is already a leader, as well as the next steps [...]

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Investor risk now higher in Australia than New Zealand – Euromoney – 26/01/2017

The rating agencies still won’t budge as the two countries’ risk scores diverge.

Source:  Euromoney, 2017/01/26

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NZ ratifies new global climate change pact as carbon heads for $20 a tonne – NBR – 05/10/2016

New Zealand has become one of the first batch of countries to ratify the new global climate change pact hammered out in Paris last December, heralding the country's return to global carbon markets four years after abandoning them. Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett announced the ratification this morning ahead of attending next month's annual global [...]

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And now for something completely different… New Zealand

It is a little country stuck on the other side of the planet, well-hidden after Australia and that mostly talk about for three main reasons: 1) when the Rugby World Cup is coming, 2) when The Lord of the Rings or one of its sequels or prequels is being shot or 3) in very specific [...]

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Australia and New-Zealand: better watch the game than read the commitments

This week-end, New Zealand was on top of the world. But a good final needs two good opponents, and Australia has to be saluted for its performance all along the World Cup. Nevertheless, McCaw, Carter and their squad were just too good… and after an almost 40-meter field drop from the latter, the die was [...]

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