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Global Infrastructure investment needs are huge

The World today invests some $2.5 trillion a year on transportation, power, water and telecommunications systems. Yet it’s not enough – and needs are only growing steeper. The McKinsey Global Institute finds that the world needs to invest an average of $3.3 trillion annually just to support currently expected rates of growth. Emerging economies will [...]

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Global distribution of natural gas deposits

Natural gas is environment-friendly. It exists abundantly and can be supplied stably. Expansion of its use is expected in the future.

“Natural gas, which is primarily composed of methane, when burned, generates only small amounts of carbon dioxide that is the key contributors to global warming and nitrogen oxide that causes photochemical smog, and sulfur oxide [...]

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Africa: Natural Gas Boom and the Quest for Energy Problems Solution – allAfrica – 27/02/2017

Energy is an essential factor for sustainable development and poverty eradication. The Johannesburg Plan of Implementation (JPOI), adopted at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002, addresses energy in the context of sustainable development.

Source:  allAfrica, 2017/02/27

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Energy: now it is time to invest…

Signing the Paris agreement ten days ago in New York was a great deal. Nevertheless, with international summit bringing journalists from all over the world, there is always the risk to see political communication taking over on actual policy making. That is why we always pay a greater attention to what comes on the way [...]

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Obama, Netanyahu and the Supremes

What if Supreme Courts were the actual key players in the energy business? That was not really expected but, over the last two months, two major decisions coming from the highest courts in countries under our coverage might have reshuffled the cards of energy policy, whether in the short or long term. In early February, [...]

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Groningen: the wind of change?

The Dutch central agency for statistics, Statistics Netherlands, released on Wednesday provisional key figures for Q1’15 in the energy field. Few figures were also given for the Q3’15 and what is striking in this release is the fact the country brought in more fuel than it exported on that period. Even though the security of [...]

Potential GHG benefits of substituting natural gas for coal in the power sector

Note: Analysis assumes efficiencies of 42% for supercritical coal and 59% for natural gas CCGT, for power plants installed in China in 2020 based on IEA (2013c), and methane leakage of 0.0045 kg CO2e per MMBtu of coal produced, based on U.S. data (U.S. EPA 2014), for lack of better global estimates. We use a [...]

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