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The energy transition away from oil : climate-related policy or wider strategic move ?

Until recently, the issue of energy transition was mainly dealt with in terms of structure of power generation capacities. Why ? Quite simply because this sector concentrates the highest potential of massive energy substitutions. Endogenous technological innovation, a more and more precise and relevant support from a large number of States, and a host of [...]

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US/North Korea: testing China with the oil weapon threat

Last week, on 3 September 2017, North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test. This is not just an additional test. It contributes to significantly increase tensions between North Korea and Western powers, in particular with the USA. As much has been written on the subject we propose three key takeaways:

Firstly, the latest test confirms [...]

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Floods in Texas: a reality check for Trump’s cabinet?

Tropical storm Harvey is currently causing extreme flooding in the state of Texas, where 54 counties have been declared state disaster areas. In the city of Huston, it reached diluvian proportions, forcing thousands of people to flee. About 300,000 people at least are without electricity, emergency services are overwhelmed by claims for help, and so [...]

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Last European primary forests threatened by loggers?

Last European primary forests threatened by loggers?

A few days ago, the European Commission referred Poland to the Court of Justice for illegal logging in the Bialowieza forest, one of the oldest forests in Europe. It has been a few months now that the Commission, warned by Polish activists and NGOs, has been keeping a watch [...]

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Productivity gains in sustaining economic growth

The OECD published its latest highlights on Green Growth Indicators (2017).

As mentioned, the rising productivity is a key source of economic growth and better living standards. The next graphs display the breakdown of productivity gains within 4 factors: Labour, Produced capital, natural capital and environmental factors.

The second map (on the right) shows the environmental adjusted [...]

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Coral reefs and oil exploration in Brazil: shall we pluck the goose that lays black-golden eggs?

In the coming days, Brazil should rule on the authorization for oil companies to perform new exploratory drilling off its northern coast, in the mouth of the Amazon River. A few years ago, this would have probably been just a licence extension formality, but the recent discovery of a large coral reef that is only [...]

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Mining resources in emerging economies

Source: World Economic Forum. Mining and metals scenarios to 2030, 2016.

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Philippines Shuts More Nickel Mines on Environment Crackdown

Nickel has jumped about 9 percent this month on supply concerns after Gina Lopez, hired by new President Rodrigo Duterte as environment secretary, began an audit of all mines and imposed a moratorium on approval of new projects. The Philippines is the world’s biggest source of nickel ore, and supplies almost all of the material [...]

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Lithium: Chile’s buried treasure

The vast salt flats of the Atacama desert are one of the best places in the world to extract the metal. So why is Chile falling behind as the market booms?

Source:  FT, 2016/07/08

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Coral reefs bleaching, or the interdependence of climate and biodiversity crisis

We use to attach much importance to the specific issue of rising temperatures, and for good reason: February and March 2016 have“shattered a century-long record” and are “signaling a kind of climate emergency” for scientists, The Guardian announced last week. But do we realize all the consequences that this rise mean? Climate change acts in [...]