Are Mexico’s Oil Reserves Almost Depleted? – – 04/04/2017

Mexico’s oil and gas regulator said last week that the country’s proved hydrocarbon reserves will drop by 10.6 percent in 2017.

Source:, 2017/04/04

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Mexico: Central Bank’s Forex Profits Beneficial For Sovereign Debt – Seeking Alpha – 04/04/2017

Mexico’s central bank earned the equivalent of $28.64 billion on its foreign reserves related to the peso’s depreciation. By law, 60% of this windfall will be transferred to the central government. This will help go toward debt repayment and fund current financing needs, while also providing some level of “rainy day” cover. This news is [...]

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Mexico’s Lopez Obrador Pledges Legal Rollback of Energy Overhaul – Bloomberg – 15/03/2017

Mexico’s left-leaning presidential contender wants to revise laws that opened the country’s energy markets to foreign investment, vowing to hold a referendum on the issue and make changes based on the result.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/03/15

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How protectionism could find its way back to the United States

In his first days in the Oval Office, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order to withdraw from the negotiating process of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The aim of this agreement was to favour trade by diminishing tariffs between both sides of the Pacific Ocean. Mr Trump often raised concerns about this partnership [...]

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Mexico’s private sector calls for govt action amid fuel price hikes – BNamericas – 03/01/2017

The jarring hike in fuel prices starting this month, sparking widespread protests and public outrage, has led Mexico's private sector to call on the nation's institutions to more aggressively tackle the deficit, taking action on fiscal spending, monetary policy and policies addressing investment and employment.

Source:  BNamericas, 2017/01/03

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Mexico: Economy to suffer a mild recession in 2017 – Wells Fargo – – 13/12/2016

Analysts from Wells Fargo, conclude that the Mexican economy will suffer a mild recession in 2017, dropping 1.1% in real terms, affected by the US presidential election. Although they warn that Trump policies are still unknown.

Source:, 2016/12/13

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Mexico’s Oil Future Now Calls From an International Country Code – Bloomberg – 06/12/2016

China, UK, France, Norway, Malaysia oil companies bid to drill. BHP Billiton joins with Pemex to develop Trion offshore field.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2016/12/06

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Boom in Energy Exports to Mexico Benefits US Producers – – 01/12/2016

The natural gas industry in the United States is enjoying a boom in exports to Mexico, which now imports more than half of all the natural gas exported by the U.S., according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Source:, 2016/12/01

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Mexico’s 2017 Fiscal Budget: Debt Woes Persist – Seeking Alpha – 11/11/2016

Summary - The adoption of a restrictive fiscal policy reduces the (already short) list of positive catalysts for GDP growth next year. - According to IMF data, Mexico's gross debt-to-GDP ratio deteriorated to 54% from 46% in just two years. - In general, the 2017 Fiscal Budget reflects the government's concern over one major topic: [...]

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Evolution of per capita GDP and CO2 emissions by major region

A recent report from Grubb et al. illustrates the relevance of looking at both territorial and consumption CO2 footprints when analyzing greenhouse gas emissions:
“When evaluating China’s efforts towards decarbonisation some experts believe Chinese action is ambitious. This position could be further backed by the fact that embodied emissions, which refer to emissions generated in the [...]

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