This was the worst possible German election for Europe – Chicago Tribune – 27/09/2017

Angela Merkel will have a fourth term in office, but not the way she wanted. In Sunday's election, her Christian Democratic alliance polled at historic lows, and she will have to rely on an untested and difficult coalition or govern with an unprecedented minority government.

Source:  Chicago Tribune, 27/09/2017

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South Africa issues $2.5 billion in foreign currency bonds – Reuters – 20/09/2017

South Africa has issued a pair of dollar bonds in overseas capital markets worth $2.5 billion to help finance its foreign currency commitments, National Treasury said on Wednesday.

Source:  Reuters, 20/09/2017

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Global economy at risk a decade on from financial crisis, says WEF – The Guardian – 26/09/2017

The 10th anniversary of the worst downturn since the Great Depression finds the global economy at risk of a fresh crisis and ill-prepared for the disruption likely from the robot age, the World Economic Forum has warned.

Source:  The Guardian, 26/09/2017

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Egypt on track for year-end IMF payment, but 32 percent inflation a worry – Reuters – 26/09/2017

Egypt has made a “good start” to its reform programme despite seeking waivers for missing targets in June and a deeper-than-expected currency depreciation, the International Monetary Fund said on Tuesday.

Source:  Reuters, 26/09/2017

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Using economic diplomacy to reduce financial risks in Asia – The Interpreter – 18/09/2017

If Australia’s economic future lies in Asia, then managing the risk of financial crises in the region should be a top concern. Especially as any crisis could also have significant geopolitical consequences.

Source:  The Interpreter, 2017/09/18

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Brazil improves but fragility alarms risk experts – Euromoney – 20/09/2017

The worst might be over, yet there are still notable concerns surrounding one of the world’s largest emerging markets.

Source:  Euromoney, 2017/09/20

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Brazil Improves But Political Uncertainty Keeps Fiscal Deficit High – Financial Tribune – 21/09/2017

The worst might be over, yet there are still notable concerns surrounding one of the world’s largest emerging markets. Brazil’s risk score has slightly improved this year, sending the borrower three places higher in Euromoney’s global risk rankings, to 61st out of 186 countries, contrasting with the fate of South Africa, which is still declining, [...]

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Emerging Markets – Fed takes the steam out of emerging markets – Reuters – 21/09/2017

Emerging stocks and currencies fell on Thursday after the U.S. Federal Reserve confirmed it would reverse its stimulus programme from next month and stick to rate hike plans.

Source:  Reuters, 2017/09/21

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China’s Currency Rebounds as Economic Optimism Returns – New York Times – 11/09/2017

For those who worry about the state of the world economy, China has long been a major reason to lose sleep. Its financial system labors under a mountain of loans, while weaker growth has prompted many Chinese people and companies to move their money overseas in recent years.

Source:  New York Times, 11/09/2017

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Dollar rally pauses as market braces for U.S. inflation data – Reuters – 11/09/2017

The U.S. dollar’s rally paused on Thursday as traders waited for consumer inflation data later in the day for clues on whether the Federal Reserve will maintain its gradual pace of credit tightening.

Source:  Reuters, 11/09/2017

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