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France’s Debt Is Euro-Zone’s Largest – Bloomberg – 30/08/2017

At the end of the first quarter, the main components of France’s debt load added up to more than four times the country’s gross domestic product. That includes non-financial corporations’ obligations that alone equal 160 percent of national output.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/08/30

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Croatia pins hopes on World Bank partial guarantee – Euromoney – 30/08/2017

A ratings uplift and a better profile for Croatia’s SOE debt could be brought closer with a helping hand from the World Bank

Source:  Euromoney, 2017/08/30

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A Big Russian Bank Just Couldn’t Stay Private – Bloomberg – 30/08/2017

Otkritie Bank's fate is another sign of the relentless, and risky, nationalization of the Russian economy.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/08/30

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U.S. Economy Grew 3% in 2nd Quarter, Fastest Pace in 2 Years – New York Times – 30/08/2017

The current recovery has entered its ninth year — long by economic standards — but it is showing some unexpected vigor.

Source:  New York Times, 2017/08/30

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IMF should expel Venezuela – FT – 30/08/2017

The free world should make a concerted effort to bring down the oil-based autocratic regime of President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. The way to make international pressure effective is to expel the country from the International Monetary Fund, which would spark a sovereign and quasi-sovereign debt default, making the regime ultimately unsustainable.

Source:  FT, 2017/08/30

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US: Experian finds total student loan balances increased 149 percent since 2007 – Experian – 29/08/2017

The study also shows that the average student loan amount per consumer increased 62 percent during that time, but the percentage of late payments has been decreasing since 2009

Source:  Experian, 2017/08/29

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China’s New Capital Controls Expected To Slow Real Estate, But Improve Country’s Economic Health – Forbes – 28/08/2017

China’s new rules on overseas mergers and acquisitions, released on August 18, lay out three categories of investment: banned, restricted, and encouraged. These guidelines will have a lasting effect on direct investment abroad. How will it affect overseas investment in the real estate sector and China’s own economic health?

Source:  Forbes, 2017/08/28

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Fitch: Egypt’s budget, energy price rises show fiscal commitment – CPI Financial – 23/07/2017

Egypt's new budget and lower electricity and fuel subsidies demonstrate a continued commitment to fiscal consolidation and economic reform, backed by the country's IMF programme, Fitch Ratings says. Narrowing the fiscal deficit supports Egypt's sovereign credit profile, but significantly reducing the public debt ratio is a multi-year task.

Source:  CPI Financial, 2017/07/23

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Crisis-Plagued Europe Sees a New Dawn After Greek Market Return – Bloomberg – 27/07/2017

Five years after the sovereign debt crisis nearly tore the euro area apart, the currency bloc’s biggest problem child appears on the road to recovery as the region continues to tick off boxes underscoring its revival.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/07/27

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Fitch sees Philippine GDP growth staying above 6% – BusinessWorld – 27/07/2017

The Philippines can be expected to keep growing faster than six percent over the next five years, Fitch Ratings said, noting that strong economic activity and hefty dollar reserves will help maintain the country’s sound macroeconomic footing.

Source:  BusinessWorld, 2017/07/27

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