macro-economic risk

Canada: Big banks raise consumer lending rates after Bank of Canada rate hike – Financial Post – 06/09/2017

The prime lending rate at the country's five big banks will rise to 3.2 per cent, effective Thursday, following the Bank of Canada's rate hike

Source:  Financial Post, 06/09/2017

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Global Investor Sentiment Improves, Except in US – Financial Tribune – 05/09/2017

Investor sentiment towards most geographic regions improved in September, although according to the results of one widely-followed survey there is some skepticism surrounding the situation in the US.

Source:  Financial Tribune, 05/09/2017

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Wall Street has ‘a bigger fear’ of a debt-ceiling crisis than in the past — here’s what happened to markets during the last scare – Business Insider – 03/09/2017

September marks the end of the summer slump on Wall Street, and could also be the most crucial month of the year. Congress' failure to pass a funding bill that keeps the government open is just one many risks that could rock global markets. Historically, stocks have rebounded after government shutdowns, and investors still [...]

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China issues new guidelines to limit overseas investment – World Finance – 21/08/2017

Overseas investments in the entertainment, hotel and property industries will be discouraged by the Chinese Government, in favour of proposals that fit the country’s macroeconomic strategy

Source:  World Finance, 21/08/2017

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China’s overall debt risk is controllable, says official – Atimes – 07/09/2017

The rising debt level in China is being attributed to high-leveraged, non-financial corporate firms, especially state-owned enterprises

Source:  Atimes, 07/09/2017

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World is not becoming China-centric – The Economic Times – 07/09/2017

The belief that China is emerging as a new global hegemon and the world is hurtling towards Chinese unipolarity is misplaced as it lacks the wherewithal of the US which remains a pre-eminent power, says former foreign secretary Shyam Saran.

Source:  The Economic Times, 07/09/2017

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Croatia pins hopes on World Bank partial guarantee – Euromoney – 30/08/2017

A ratings uplift and a better profile for Croatia’s SOE debt could be brought closer with a helping hand from the World Bank

Source:  Euromoney, 2017/08/30

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A Big Russian Bank Just Couldn’t Stay Private – Bloomberg – 30/08/2017

Otkritie Bank's fate is another sign of the relentless, and risky, nationalization of the Russian economy.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/08/30

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U.S. Economy Grew 3% in 2nd Quarter, Fastest Pace in 2 Years – New York Times – 30/08/2017

The current recovery has entered its ninth year — long by economic standards — but it is showing some unexpected vigor.

Source:  New York Times, 2017/08/30

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IMF should expel Venezuela – FT – 30/08/2017

The free world should make a concerted effort to bring down the oil-based autocratic regime of President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. The way to make international pressure effective is to expel the country from the International Monetary Fund, which would spark a sovereign and quasi-sovereign debt default, making the regime ultimately unsustainable.

Source:  FT, 2017/08/30

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