Jordan signs climate change cooperation agreement with Bangladesh – The Jordan Times – 03/04/2017

Under the agreement both countries will meet twice a year to benefit from each others’ experience in fighting global warming and in alleviating its impact on natural resources and the wellbeing of population, senior officials from both countries said on Monday.

Source:  The Jordan Times, 2017/04/03

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2016 LNG import growth dominated by China, India and new entrants

Shell recently launched its first LNG Outlook in which it observes for example that 2016 LNG import growth was “dominated by China, India and new entrants”. As shown in the report “LNG demand growth is coming from countries that need to offset decline in domestic gas production and to meet growing energy demand”. It can [...]

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For Israel, Energy Boom Could Make Friends Out of Enemies – New York Times – 14/01/2017

Once a barren energy island in a part of the planet otherwise awash in resources, Israel is, after years of delay, finally pushing ahead with an ambitious strategy to tap offshore reserves that could transform its economy and, it hopes, its place in a historically hostile region.

Source:  New York Times, 2017/01/14

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Investors in Israeli Natural Gas Agree to Supply Deal With Jordan – WSJ – 26/09/2015

nvestors in Israel’s largest natural-gas field on Monday agreed to supply Jordan’s national power company with gas valued at as much as $10 billion, in a deal that could jump-start Israeli hydrocarbon exports. Noble Energy Inc. of Houston and its partners in the Leviathan gas field will supply Amman-based National Electric Power Co. with 1.6 [...]

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AFD on the path of climate change-oriented reforms… and so are we

Fighting against climate change is this century’s battle. It involves not only our future, but also the future of our children, and Gael Giraud, Chief economist of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) knows it. On Thursday, he was once again invited on national radio to explain his views and used a very sensible metaphor.
- Imagine a [...]

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Slowly but surely, Jordan is trying to secure energy supply

We have always been extremely honest regarding Jordan. It is neither our best pick nor a very lucky country when it comes to compare the size of energy reserves in the region it is located. Our energy-climate resilience score is consequently terrible, standing at E (or the 2nd worst grade on our internal scale going [...]

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Azerbaijan and Jordan, opposite karmas?

Oil price is weighing on the traditional credit ratings of producers. That is a fact. The last episode was last week when Standard & Poor’s downgraded Azerbaijan’s rating from BBB- to junk (BB+). The rational of this move is rather obvious: 95% of the Azerbaijani exports depend on oil and gas, and the current energy [...]

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