Italy faces fiscal moment of truth with December referendum – The Hill – 17/11/2016

It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of Italy's forthcoming referendum, not only for the Italian economic outlook, but also for that of the eurozone as a whole. If Prime Minister Matteo Renzi wins that constitutional reform referendum on Dec. 4, Italy could probably keep muddling along with its very troubled and highly indebted economy. [...]

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Italy, five others at risk of breaking EU budget rules with 2017 draft budgets – euronews – 16/11/2016

Italy and five other countries are at risk of breaking European Union budget discipline rules with their 2017 draft budgets, the European Commission said in a statement on Wednesday. The five other countries are Belgium, Cyprus, Lithuania, Slovenia and Finland.

Source:  euronews, 2016/11/16

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Fears over global populist revolt push up Italy’s debt costs – Reuters – 11/11/2016

Concerns that Italy could become the next nation to be hit by a global populist revolt, which could sink Matteo Renzi's premiership in a referendum next month, drove its borrowing costs to their highest for over a year on Friday. Growing anger at the political mainstream in 2016 has seen Americans elect Donald Trump to [...]

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Italy PM Renzi says won’t change 2017 budget plan even if Brussels objects – Reuters – 21/10/2016

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said on Friday he would not change his 2017 budget plan even if the European Commission says it breaches EU rules on fiscal consolidation.


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Italy Debt Tops 150% of GDP Without Underground, Illegal Economy – Bloomberg – 15/10/2016

Italy’s public debt would exceed 150 percent of the value of all goods and services produced in the country without the contribution of the illegal and underground economy to national wealth.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2016/10/15

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Italy must get all possible budget flexibility, but debt must fall: EU – Reuters – 08/10/2016

Italy can count on all the flexibility European Union budget rules can offer with its 2017 budget but it should not increase its already very high debt, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici said on Saturday.

Source:  Reuters, 2016/10/08

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Italy joins 50-year bond club with €5bn sale – FT – 04/10/2016

Italy has joined a handful of countries in selling 50-year bonds, as yield-hungry investors looked past political uncertainty and a troubled banking system to lend the government €5bn.

Source:  FT, 2016/10/04

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Italy cuts growth outlook, hikes deficit, reverses debt pledge – Reuters – 28/09/2016

taly on Tuesday cut its economic growth forecasts and sharply hiked its target for the 2017 budget deficit for the second time in five months, setting up a potential clash with Brussels. The forecasts will set the framework for the 2017 budget and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is anxious to avoid unpopular belt tightening measures [...]

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Italy says determined to cut debt despite growth setback

Italy still believes it can cut its huge public debt this year as a proportion of national output, its economy minister said on Friday, when data confirmed the euro zone's No. 2 economy had stopped growing in the second quarter. Financial markets are keeping a close eye on Italy's debt, which runs at more than [...]

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Italian banks top Euro area in government debt financing

Source: Bloomberg. Bank-Sovereign Link Poses Extra Risk to Italy amid Brexit, June 2016.

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