Iraq’s 2017 Target for Oil Expansion Within Reach, WoodMac Says – Bloomberg – 15/06/2017

Iraq’s ambition to boost oil-output capacity to a record 5 million barrels a day is “not unrealistic” as the country prepares for the end of OPEC-mandated supply limits, consultants Wood Mackenzie Ltd. said.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/06/15

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2016 most attacked country’s in Oil & Gas

In its 2017 guide to Political Risk, Terrorism & Political Violence, Aon shows the impact of terrorist attacks on the oil & gas sector:

“Targeting trends over the past ten years show that oil and gas infrastructure has been one of the most targeted businesses sectors globally, with nearly 700 attacks since 2010. By far the [...]

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Opec says progress made on output deal, but key questions unanswered – Energy Voice – 19/11/2016

OPEC said it made progress toward a deal to cut production by more than 1 million barrels a day after another round of oil talks with Russia, but left crucial details including the role of Iraq and Iran to be resolved later this month.

Source:  Energy Voice, 2016/11/19

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Waiting for the next oil price rise

The coming OPEC meeting that will take place on the 30th November continues to draw much attention from analysts. At the end of September, the OPEC had agreed to cut oil output to a range between 32.5 and 33.0 million barrels per day. Crude prices had immediately increased by 6%. However, the actual outcome of [...]

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Iraq Reveals Oilfields Output to Win Over OPEC Ahead of Meeting – Bloomberg – 30/10/2016

Iraq published data showing a rare level of detail for its oil production and exports, a week after inviting energy reporters to Baghdad to make a case that the country is pumping more crude than analysts and OPEC acknowledge.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2016/10/30

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Iraq Gets $5.34 Billion IMF Loan to Support Economic Stability

The IMF has approved a three-year, $5.34 Billion loan for Iraq focused on implementing economic and financial policies to help the country cope with lower oil prices and ensure debt sustainability.

Source:  IMF, 2016/07/14

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Baghdad attack: Death toll from Isis bombing rises to 250 in deadliest explosion to hit Iraq capital since 2003

The Iraqi interior minister has resigned amid rising public anger over a series of attacks

Source:  Independent, 2016/07/06

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Iraqi oil production

The surge in Iraqi oil production that was predicted before the US-led 2003 invasion has indeed come to pass, but its growth was a lot slower than US and UK officials suggested was possible.

Source: FT. Energy Source – Weekly Briefing, July 2016.

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As Iraq’s Abadi Reshuffles Cabinet, Energy Companies See Opening For New Leadership

The Iraqi government is undergoing its biggest shakeup since the rise of the Islamic State group two years ago. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says he is trying to curtail endemic corruption by appointing a new Cabinet filled with technocrats, but his efforts have so far failed: Several of his nominees have refused to accept his [...]

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Oil Producers Should Rebalance Markets, Iraq Official Says — Energy Journal

Oil producers in and outside the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries should act promptly to rebalance crude oil markets, Iraq’s governor to OPEC said, Summer Said reports. But Faleh al-Amri said sagging prices weren’t related to Iraq’s oil production, which has been growing steadily and will continue to do so. Iraq is ready to [...]

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