World’s most coal plant projects are in four Asian countries – The Nation – 13/07/2017

China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam have the world’s four biggest coal-fired power plants in pipeline. Together, they represent 82 per cent of the 718 units globally under construction.

Source:  The Nation, 2017/07/13

Could Indonesia’s Relatively Low Digital Competitiveness Have Long-Term Drawbacks? – The Market Mogul – 12/07/2017

According to MD World Digital Competitiveness Rankings, Indonesia is ranked the 59th out of 63 countries concerning readiness in adopting and exploring digital technologies leading to a change in how governments, businesses and in general, society, operates.

Source:  The Market Mogul, 2017/07/12

Renewable energy prospects in Indonesia

A recent IRENA report studied in details Indonesia’s renewable energy prospects. According to IRENA’s analysis: “Indonesia could achieve its 2050 renewable energy targets two decades sooner. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has worked with Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) to develop a roadmap to 2030, highlighting ways to increase the uptake [...]

Coal Recovery Too Good to Resist for World’s Biggest Shipper – Bloomberg – 12/01/2017

Indonesia will exceed its coal production target for another year as miners cash in after prices recovered from a five-year collapse. The world’s biggest exporter will produce about 489 million metric tons this year, 18 percent above the government-mandated target, according to energy ministry forecasts. That’s up from last year’s output estimated at 434 million [...]

Indonesia’s push for renewable energy begins to power up – Today – 26/11/2016

A well-connected Indonesian marine renewable energy company, together with OpenHydro, a unit of French state-owned naval defence company DCNS, aim to be the first to plug into the vast, untapped tidal energy potential of the world’s biggest archipelago.

Source:  Today, 2016/11/26

Feed-in tariff for geothermal energy to be finalized this month – The Jakarta Post – 07/11/2016

The government is set to introduce a feed-in tariff mechanism this month to push down the huge costs and limit the risks of geothermal exploration, in efforts to reach the country’s target of generating 7,000 MW of electricity from geothermal sources, a ministry official has said. The new policy aimed to provide security for investors [...]

Indonesia’s energy sector seeing insignificant changes: Lawmakers – The Jakarta Post – 20/10/2016

Two years after getting into office, President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla have not yet been able to make significant changes to improve Indonesia’s energy and mineral resources sector, lawmakers have said. House of Representatives deputy speaker Agus Hermanto said Indonesia’s energy resilience had continued to decline because the government still relied [...]

Time to bid farewell to coal

Peabody’s bankruptcy filing a month ago raised renewed awareness on the materiality of the risk faced by coal mining companies. The situation depicted by the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment (Oxford university) in its January report (Stranded Assets and Thermal Coal: An analysis of environment-related risk exposure) is grim.
 While coal is still the [...]

Coral reefs bleaching, or the interdependence of climate and biodiversity crisis

We use to attach much importance to the specific issue of rising temperatures, and for good reason: February and March 2016 have“shattered a century-long record” and are “signaling a kind of climate emergency” for scientists, The Guardian announced last week. But do we realize all the consequences that this rise mean? Climate change acts in [...]

We agreed to disagree: a brief sum up of the last OPEP meeting

While negotiators were still in Paris, talking climate and environment, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries was meeting on Friday to discuss the near future of oil production. The meeting was way shorter than what is happening in Paris, but it was undoubtedly as tensed as a high-stake poker game. Indeed, of all the [...]