India’s 25 Billion Pounds Bank Recapitalisation Plan Lifts Shares, Raises Questions – The New York Times – 25/10/2017

Indian banking shares soared on Wednesday, sending indexes to record highs after the cabinet approved a 24.68 billion pounds plan to recapitalise its state banks over the next two years, although uncertainty remains about how the injections will be structured.

Source:  The New York Times, 2017/10/25

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India Wants Foreign Investors For $300B Worth Of Energy Projects – Rigzone – 10/10/2017

India wants to attract foreign investors to $300 billion worth of energy projects planned for the next decade, its oil minister said, as the world's third biggest oil consumer aims to cut imports.

Source:  Rigzone, 10/10/2017

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Debt boom in India and China threatens new financial crisis, warns World Economic Forum – The Telegraph – 26/09/2017

Bad loans in India have more than doubled in the past two years, while in China’s financial system “business credit is building up similarly to the United States pre-crisis, and could be a new source of vulnerability.”

Source:  The Telegraph, 26/09/2017

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India’s Blue Sky Pledge Gives Power to Country’s Green Bonds – Bloomberg – 19/07/2017

Green bonds issued by Indian companies are gathering pace as the country’s ambitious target for renewable energy fuels interest from investors.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/07/19

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World’s most coal plant projects are in four Asian countries – The Nation – 13/07/2017

China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam have the world’s four biggest coal-fired power plants in pipeline. Together, they represent 82 per cent of the 718 units globally under construction.

Source:  The Nation, 2017/07/13

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Emerging economies take lead on going green, but investment needed – Eco-Business – 13/07/2017

Countries like India have grasped the benefits of shifting to low-carbon development, but they can’t do it alone. Where can they turn to for help?

Source:  Eco-Business, 2017/07/13

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India Will Be the Second Country in the World To Use a Novel Nuclear Technology – Futurism – 06/07/2017

After 15 years of development and construction, India's Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR) is nearing completion. The project is a testament to India's resolve to rely on renewable sources of energy in the future.

Source:  Futurism, 2017/07/06

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Talking climate change in India – Eco-Business – 22/06/2017

Communication workshops throw up some surprising and important ways that Indians seem to engage with issues of climate justice, coal, pollution and renewable energy, writes Omair Ahmad from

Source:  Eco-Business, 2017/06/22

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An insight into India’s Energy Transformation – The Hans India – 20/06/2017

India has gained global attention for its ambitious clean energy targets. India is now expected to play a major role in global energy transformation, by maintaining its own pledges, holding to account the developed world and thus, building global confidence.

Source:  The Hans India, 2017/06/20

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5 Countries With the Most Invested in Renewable Energy – Energy & Capital – 17/06/2017

Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates that by 2040, renewables will account for 35% of the world’s total energy production. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates solar and wind alone will account for a slightly less optimistic 21% of the world’s total by then.

Source:  Energy & Capital, 2017/06/17

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