Greece’s Draft Budget Sees Mild Economic Contraction in 2016

The government also expects that Greece will be able to tap bond markets in the second half of 2016. Greece’s draft budget projects a flatlining economy in 2015 and a mild contraction next year, in better-than-expected forecasts that suggest this year’s escalation of Greece’s debt crisis may have done less damage to the economy than [...]

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First general strike since Syriza win brings Greece to standstill

Government offices stayed shut and public transport closed down on Thursday as Greece’s resurgent trade unions staged the first 24-hour general strike since the leftwing Syriza party came to power in January. Thousands of public sector employees, pensioners and jobless workers shouted anti-austerity slogans as they marched to the Greek parliament in Athens, giving voice [...]

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When Volkswagen tries a Greek recipe…

Life has sometimes more imagination than us… Sunday was Election Day in Greece. The Hellenes were once again called to the polls to offer their support or remove the incumbent Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. The occasion was too good for some newspapers not to recall how Greece had been cooking the books for years (How [...]

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Study says Germany profited from Greek crisis

The German government profited from the Greek debt crisis, concludes a study by a leading German economic think tank that counters complaints by Europe's largest economy that it unfairly bore the brunt of Greece's financial troubles. Calculations by the Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH) found that Germany "benefited significantly from the European/Greek debt crisis," [...]

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How will Azerbaijani energy projects help Greece?

In a difficult situation, Greece needs to focus on developing strategic projects that will bring revenues and dividends to the country in the future. Azerbaijani projects can also be considered in this regard: a deal on purchasing a share by the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan in Greek DESFA natural gas transmission system operator and [...]

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Russia Plans to Support Greece With Direct Energy Deliveries

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that an agreement may be worked out in the next few weeks.

Source:  Sputnik International, 2015/07/12

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Energy: Central Eastern and South Eastern European countries join forces to create an integrated gas market

15 EU and Energy Community countries in the Central Eastern Europe and South East European regions have agreed to work together to accelerate the building of missing gas infrastructure links and to tackle the remaining technical and regulatory issues which hamper security of supply and the development of a fully integrated and competitive energy market [...]

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Greece Imposes Capital Controls as Fears of Grexit Grow

Greece shut its banks and imposed capital controls in an announcement designed to avert the collapse of its financial system, heightening the risk it will be forced out of the euro. European stocks and Greek bonds tumbled. The measures, which were announced in the dead of night, limit daily cash withdrawals to 60 euros ($66) [...]

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Debt default risk not just a Greece story

Gripped by the prospect of default in Greece? You may be looking in the wrong direction. The southern European nation may have the world’s highest debt burden, equal to 175 per cent of its economy or gross domestic product, but according to credit rating agencies that does not make Greece the riskiest borrower for bond [...]

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Tickets sold for the Greek dra(ch)ma ?

Many had seen it coming but some still call it a surprise. Greece is indeed once again in trouble and the Tsipras-European Union discussions are looking more and more like an Ancient drama, or should I say a pantomime. Banks are closed for a week all over the country and the government wants to hold [...]

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