Greece to approve new cuts for 2017 in parliament vote – Gulf News – 10/12/2016

Parliamentary vote will levy around €1b in extra taxes while public spending on salaries and pensions will be slashed by €5.7b next year.

Source:  Gulf News, 2016/12/10

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Greek PM says economy will return to growth this year – The Fiscal Times – 15/10/2016

The Greek economy has shrunk by about a quarter since 2008, as governments have imposed a steady stream of deeply unpopular fiscal reforms in return for repeated international bailout programs.

Source:  The Fiscal Times, 2016/10/15

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What Greece’s ‘breakthrough’ bail-out deal didn’t include

Greece's breakthrough” agreement with European creditors is another “extend and pretend” deal that does not address the country’s underlying problems, analysts have warned.

Source:  The Telegraph, 2016/05/25

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Greece, being saved but ripped off?

The Greek question has been on the agenda for too long now. However, it is still strikingly unsettled. Bailout after bailout, agreement after agreement, the international lenders are trying their best to put the country back on tracks… don’t they? Somehow, there is still that feeling that we are keeping at the table a broke [...]

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Launch of Trans-Adriatic Pipeline Makes Georgia Key Transit Country for EU

The 5 billion euro Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project designed to deliver Caspian Sea gas to Europe via Georgia was launched on Tuesday in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Source:  Georgia Today, 2016/05/17

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Solar energy potential in the European Union: Portugal and Spain at an advantage even in comparison with Italy and Greece

Source: Stratego (Co-funded by the IEE Programme of the European Union). Peta, the Pan-European Thermal Atlas: renewable energy. As of April 2016.

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Climate change, a cereal killer? a serial killer?

A new study was published today by Dr Marco Springmann from the University of Oxford assessing the potential death toll related to climate change. This is the first try ever to actually see what the impact of climate change could be on agriculture and therefore on food supply. The underlying model is the International Model [...]

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The fake perception of yield

Standard & Poor’s lifted the Greek sovereign credit rating by one notch, from CCC+ to B- with a stable outlook last Friday. The agency justified its move pointing out that “regardless of what government is in power, Greece will largely comply with the terms of the Eurogroup support”, underlining the fact that “the alternative would [...]

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California’s methane leak: GHG data we trust?

On Wednesday 7th January, California Governor declared state of emergency over a gas leak from an underground gas well in the Porter Ranch neighborhood. The company operating the well, Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas), estimated that between 30 000 and 58 000 kg of methane (CH4) are emitted every hour due to the leak. The leak was [...]

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Athens Looks to Israel to Establish Regional Energy Role

Continuing a multi-administration push to bolster Greece’s status as an energy actor in the Eastern Mediterranean, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras headed to Jerusalem in hopes of establishing the country’s role as regional energy hub. According to local media reports, Tsipras recently headed to Israel for a summit with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding host of [...]

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