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Global Infrastructure investment needs are huge

The World today invests some $2.5 trillion a year on transportation, power, water and telecommunications systems. Yet it’s not enough – and needs are only growing steeper. The McKinsey Global Institute finds that the world needs to invest an average of $3.3 trillion annually just to support currently expected rates of growth. Emerging economies will [...]

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Global distribution of natural gas deposits

Natural gas is environment-friendly. It exists abundantly and can be supplied stably. Expansion of its use is expected in the future.

“Natural gas, which is primarily composed of methane, when burned, generates only small amounts of carbon dioxide that is the key contributors to global warming and nitrogen oxide that causes photochemical smog, and sulfur oxide [...]

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World’s largest annual exporters of emissions

Oil Change International just published a new report showing the country breakdown of GHG emissions implied by fossil fuels emissions.

“As the world moves beyond gas, oil, and coal, this will become an increasingly moral issue: comparable to production and export of asbestos when its domestic use has been phased-out.”

World’s largest annual exporters of emissions

Note: Emission based on [...]

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Floods in Texas: a reality check for Trump’s cabinet?

Tropical storm Harvey is currently causing extreme flooding in the state of Texas, where 54 counties have been declared state disaster areas. In the city of Huston, it reached diluvian proportions, forcing thousands of people to flee. About 300,000 people at least are without electricity, emergency services are overwhelmed by claims for help, and so [...]

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Private sector woes

The consequences of the low oil price environment are racking up, with impacts especially apparent in the private sector. Today we take a step back from sovereigns and examine the micro-world of oil and gas companies. If you weren’t already convinced that oil companies are in big trouble, here’s some more proof.
In a context of [...]

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