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US politics and the unwelcome return of country risk – Financial Review – 08/11/2016

Does the world demand at least a single, haven market? Since the financial crisis, that island of stability has been the US. Predictable (if gridlocked) politics, steady economic growth, the world's reserve currency and a solidifying banking sector have made it stand out. Even the occasional crisis over the debt ceiling failed to dent the [...]

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Moody’s upgrades Hungary’s credit rating back to investment grade – Hungary today – 07/11/2016

Ratings agency Moody’s has bumped Hungary back into investment grade, upgrading Hungary’s long term issuer and senior unsecured government bond ratings by one notch to Baa3 from Ba1 with a stable outlook.

Source:  Hungary today, 2016/11/07

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Argentina’s debt bonanza buys time, raises risks – FT – 26/10/2016

Less than a year ago, Argentina was on the brink of a balance of payments crisis after 12 years of populist rule. But dollars have flooded into the economy since the business-friendly government of Mauricio Macri took over last December, with central bank reserves last week surging above $40bn.

Source:  FT, 2016/10/26

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Oil Investors Ease Back as Market Steadies Before OPEC Talks – Bloomberg – 24/10/2016

Oil investors are playing it safe as OPEC hammers out the details of a deal to trim output. Money managers reduced bets on falling prices to the lowest since May as oil held above $50 a barrel, prolonging a rally that began when the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries announced a deal to cut production [...]

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Investors put on notice of climate change risks – Lexology – 21/10/2016

Blackrock Investment Institute (Blackrock) has released a call-to-arms for investors, stating they can no longer ignore climate change. Climate change risks have been underappreciated, and carbon significantly under-priced, according to the report. It finds that although market carbon prices are not yet reflective of realities, they soon could be, which would increase both investment risks [...]

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Putting Denmark’s wealth to work to fight climate change – Institutional Investor – 10/10/2016

Danish pension fund PKA announces its latest ESG commitment in a United Nations-inspired Sustainable Development Goals fund

Source:  Institutional Investor, 2016/10/10

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Germany Reaps Upside to ECB’s Easy-Money Policies – WSJ – 28/09/2016

Germany’s politicians warn against prolonged interest rates, but its federal and regional governments are among the biggest beneficiaries.

Source:  WSJ, 2016/09/28

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China Relies On Property Bubbles To Prop Up GDP

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard ties the BIS report to Hyman Minsky's work, which is kind of funny, because our good friend and Minsky adept Steve Keen is the economist who most emphasizes the need to differentiate between public and private debt, in particular because public debt is not a big risk whereas private debt certainly is. And [...]

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Housing a risk, but Australia won’t have a recession for years

It will be almost impossible for Australia to have a recession for at least five years, probably 10, it means the run of 25 recession-free years will extend to at least 30, possibly 40. Australia’s colossal mining investment boom, which involved two years of $24 billion per quarter of capital expenditure for resources exports, is [...]

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Ireland is ‘especially exposed’ to another financial shock – says Central Bank

Ireland remains especially exposed to another financial shock because of the high levels of public and private debt, the open nature of the economy, and Brexit, Central Bank Governor Philip Lane has said.

Source:  Irish Independent, 2016/09/05

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