Greece Seeks Debt Clarity as Creditors Resist Concessions – Bloomberg – 31/05/2017

Greece may not be offered a substantially improved debt-relief package when euro-area finance ministers discuss its bailout in Luxembourg next month, officials directly involved in the negotiations said.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/05/31

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German Central Banker Urges Sovereign debt Holders to Build Cash Cushion – Institutional Investor – 15/05/2017

A German central banker is urging European banks and fund managers to hold cash in case their governments default.

Source:  Institutional Investor, 15/05/2017

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Brexit Could Nuke Britain’s Nuclear Energy Industry – Foreign Policy Journal – 02/05/2017

UK lawmakers warned Tuesday the country’s nuclear energy industry could go belly-up because of Brexit, adding a new radioactive layer to London’s complex breakup with the European Union.

Source:  Foreign Policy Journal, 2017/05/02

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Change in CO2 emissions, 2016/2015

Eurostat, in its Newsrelease published in May 2017, estimates a 0.4% decrease in carbon dioxide emission in Europe. According to Eurostat, highest increases are recorded in Finland (+8.5%), followed by Cyprus (+7.0%), Slovenia (+5.8%) and Denmark (+5.7%). Decreases were registered in eleven Member States, notably in Malta (-18.2%), Bulgaria (-7.0%), Portugal (-5.7%) and the United [...]

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Romania, among EU countries with highest budget deficits in 2016 – Romania Insider – 25/04/2017

Romania was among the four European Union countries which had budget deficits equal to or higher than 3% of their gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016, according to the EU’s statistical office Eurostat.

Source:  Romania Insider, 2017/04/25

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Latest Turn in Greek Debt Crisis Is Kafkaesque – Bloomberg – 25/04/2017

Greece’s next dollop of bailout money is caught in an international dispute with no clear resolution. The heavily indebted Mediterranean nation needs the next installment of about 7 billion euros to repay lenders in a few months, but some euro-area governments, notably Germany, refuse to supply more money until the International Monetary Fund comes on [...]

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Europe Eliminated the Fossil Fuel Equivalent of Italy With Renewable Energy – Greentech Media – 04/04/2017

The Europeans were the first to embrace comprehensive targets for renewables and carbon mitigation. Although the strategies of individual member countries have been heavily scrutinized (Germany) and widely criticized (Spain), the EU's early embrace of a low-carbon strategy was influential in bringing other big emitters like America, China and India to the table for a [...]

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Only Three EU Countries On Track To Meet Paris Climate Agreement Targets – IFL Science – 29/03/2017

A new report has found that only three European countries are currently on track to meet their Paris agreement targets. Sweden currently tops the list, followed then by Germany and France, but all of the other 27 nations – which account for 60 percent of the continent's emissions – are not doing nearly enough.

Source:  IFL [...]

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Why European CDS Spreads Are Likely To Blow Out – Seeking Alpha – 28/03/2017

Recommends betting long on euro area CDS spreads between Germany and the periphery, which will blow out in the event of a tail probability disaster. Analyzes the macroeconomic conditions across a number of particularly sensitive euro area economies, including Greece, Italy and France. Examines the main political risks facing these countries and the extent to [...]

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Bulgaria wants exemption from planned EU pollution curbs on coal-fired plants – Reuters – 27/03/2017

Bulgaria will seek an exemption from European Commission plans to introduce more pollution curbs on big thermal power plants, saying they would pose risks to the country's energy security and economic competitiveness.

Source:  Reuters, 2017/03/27

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