In the Country Where Coal Is King, a Battle With the EU Looms – Bloomberg – 05/11/2017

The buzzword in the Brussels energy and climate bubble is 450, a number that is dividing European Union lawmakers and making coal-dependent Poland fume over upcoming reforms to the world’s biggest carbon market.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/11/05

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COP23 – German negotiator will try to keep Turkey on side – Clean Energy Wire – 06/11/2017

German-Turkish relations might be at a low-point in many respects but when it comes to climate politics, Germany will try to keep the country on side during the COP23 summit in Bonn.

Source:  Clean Energy Wire, 2017/11/06

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Macro prudential stress testing: “Monitoring” the European financial system – Bobsguide – 25/10/2017

The most original innovations often stem from necessity or are born for the purposes of overcoming unforeseen difficulties. This is the case for macro prudential stress tests, namely a set of analysis techniques used by financial supervisory authorities since the great global financial crisis in 2007-2009. This approach has resulted in the achievement of significant [...]

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Paris and Berlin at odds over key plank of eurozone reform plans – Financial Times – 10/10/2017

French president Emmanuel Macron’s plans to make common cause with Germany to reform the eurozone have suffered an early setback as Berlin pushes proposals for sovereign debt writedowns that Paris fears could shatter investor confidence in the single currency.

Source:  Financial Times, 10/10/2017

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What if there was an EU carbon border tax?

What if there was an EU carbon border tax?

“We should have a European carbon tax on carbon, it is crucial.” French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal made during his Sorbonne speech on Europe last week was unexpected, and not without consequences for sovereign investment risks and opportunities.

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France seeks to revive the European project, while Germany hesitates

In the aftermath of Emmanuel Macron's speech on Europe, the German press warned that there might be a major obstacle in the revival of the European project: the FDP, the liberal party with which Angela Merkel would have to rule, and whose European ideas are radically opposed to those of Emmanuel Macron.

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This was the worst possible German election for Europe – Chicago Tribune – 27/09/2017

Angela Merkel will have a fourth term in office, but not the way she wanted. In Sunday's election, her Christian Democratic alliance polled at historic lows, and she will have to rely on an untested and difficult coalition or govern with an unprecedented minority government.

Source:  Chicago Tribune, 27/09/2017

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French President Macron says Europe needs significantly higher carbon price – Reuters – 26/09/2017

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday that Europe needed a significant minimum carbon price to boost investment in its energy transition, and a European carbon tax at the bloc’s borders to guarantee fair competition for its companies.

Source:  Reuters, 26/09/2017

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European Battle Continues Over 2030 Energy Efficiency Target – The Energy Collective – 19/09/2017

Members of the European Parliament’s environment committee have voted for a legally binding target of a 40 per cent increase in energy efficiency by 2030, as well as for the closing of a number of loopholes that undermine annual energy savings.

Source:  The Energy Collective, 2017/09/19

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EBRD signs first project under Greek Renewable Energy Framework – The Financial – 27/07/2017

The EBRD has signed the first project under its new framework for renewable energy in Greece by subscribing to €28.3 million in bonds issued by Hellenic Petroleum, an energy company which is diversifying its activities into the area of renewables.

Source:  The Financial, 2017/07/27

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