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New Dutch energy policy exceeds Europe requirements, cabinet criticized as not enough – NL Times – 11/10/2017

The new Dutch government presented a very ambitious energy policy in its government agreement on Tuesday. By 2030 the Rutte III cabinet wants the Netherlands' greenhouse gas emissions to be 49 percent lower than the level it was in 1990, a higher goal than what European rules currently demand. The governments is also planning to [...]

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Turkey’s energy insecurity drives hunt for supplies – Financial Times – 28/09/2017

Geography has endowed Turkey with great strategic importance, situated as it is at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and the Arab world, yet it has been less generous in its allocation of natural resources.

Source:  Financial Times, 28/09/2017

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China to start new-energy-vehicle production quota from 2019, delaying it by a year – The Straits Times – 28/09/2017

China ordered most carmakers to sell a minimum number of new-energy vehicles (NEV) every year starting 2019, giving them more time to comply with a key policy shift in the world's largest market.

Source:  The Straits Times, 28/09/2017

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Brazil’s renewable energy potential attracts investors – Financial Times – 20/09/2017

In João Camara, a remote area in Brazil’s north-east, the car in which I am a passenger drives beneath a great row of wind turbines in João Camara, halting at one of the looming towers that make up this wind farm.

Source:  Financial Times, 20/09/2017

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Potential New German Coalition Government Likely to Clash on Energy – The scientist – 27/09/2017

On Sunday (September 24), Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor since 2005, won her fourth term in office. Despite securing another four years as the country’s leader, her party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), lost a considerable amount of power—it won 32.9 percent, down from 41.5 percent since the last election in 2013.

Source:  The scientist, 27/09/2017

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Australia needs 75% renewables by 2030 to meet Paris targets, cut costs – Reneweconomy – 25/09/2017

Less than one year after the Australian government agreed to ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change, a new report has warned that Australia risks falling short of its own national emissions targets without significantly ramping up the electricity sector’s shift to renewable energy.

Source:  Reneweconomy, 25/09/2017

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French President Macron says Europe needs significantly higher carbon price – Reuters – 26/09/2017

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday that Europe needed a significant minimum carbon price to boost investment in its energy transition, and a European carbon tax at the bloc’s borders to guarantee fair competition for its companies.

Source:  Reuters, 26/09/2017

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Australia’s sloth on energy policy puts economy at risk – Investment Magazine – 27/09/2017

That said, no amount of moaning with fellow expats and crying into our warm beer about the country of our birth’s lack of long-term vision is going to solve the problems we face. We need action and we need it now. We urgently need to find a way forward on energy transition and climate policy [...]

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Trump Wants to Repeal Obama’s Climate Plan. The Next Fight: Its Replacement. – The New York Times – 28/09/2017

President Trump failed again this week to fulfill his promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama’s signature health plan. Now he is taking aim at Mr. Obama’s central environmental legacy, the Clean Power Plan.

Source:  The New York Times, 28/09/2017

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European Battle Continues Over 2030 Energy Efficiency Target – The Energy Collective – 19/09/2017

Members of the European Parliament’s environment committee have voted for a legally binding target of a 40 per cent increase in energy efficiency by 2030, as well as for the closing of a number of loopholes that undermine annual energy savings.

Source:  The Energy Collective, 2017/09/19

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