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UK: Energy policy needs more truth and less rhetoric – Business Green – 06/09/2017

The REA's James Court assesses the debates likely to surround the forthcoming Clean Growth Plan and the Energy Costs Review

Source:  Business Green, 06/09/2017

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100% Renewable Energy For 139 Nations Detailed In New Stanford Report – Clean Technica – 23/08/2017

Mark Z. Jacobson, the famed professor at the Stanford School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences, and 26 of his colleagues have compiled a report that shows exactly how 139 nations could transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050 without throwing millions of people out of work.

Source:  Clean Technica, 2017/08/23

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South Australia calls for “the next generation” of renewable energy and energy storage projects – Climate Action – 30/08/2017

South Australia is calling for tenders from companies interested in investing in firming renewable energy, bulk energy storage and bioenergy projects having the opportunity to receive support from the $150m Renewable Technology Fund through grants and other financing tools.

Source:  Climate Action, 2017/08/30

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Harvey Ripples Through U.S., Global Energy Markets – The Wall Street Journal – 30/08/2017

Record flooding in Texas is straining superhighway of energy trade

Source:  The Wall Street Journal, 2017/08/30

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Libya crude production sinks 30% after ‘rogue’ militants block pipelines – FT – 30/08/2017

Libya’s crude production has fallen by more than 30 per cent after armed militants blockaded pipelines and closed oilfields, costing the conflict-ridden African producer $160m in lost revenues, the national oil company said on Wednesday.

Source:  FT, 2017/08/30

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Renewable energy generates enough power to run 70% of Australian homes – The Guardian – 27/08/2017

Renewable Energy Index shows sector will generate power to run 90% of homes once wind and solar projects being built in 2016-17 are completed

Source:  The Guardian, 2017/08/27

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Scotland sets renewable energy record as wind power provides equivalent of 118% of nation’s electricity – Independent – 24/07/2017

Wind power output in Scotland has helped set a new record for the first half of the year, according to an independent conservation group.

Source:  Independent, 2017/07/24

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South Korea’s new energy minister says to support nuclear reactor exports – Reuters – 24/07/2017

South Korea's new energy minister on Monday said he plans to support the country's push to sell nuclear reactors overseas, even as the nation curbs nuclear power at home.

Source:  Reuters, 2017/07/24

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Politics could short-circuit Australia’s clean energy future – Eco-Business – 27/07/2017

Australian consumers want renewable energy, and investors are stepping up investments in clean power, but the country’s potential to capitalise on this opportunity is limited by political uncertainty, say experts.

Source:  Eco-Business, 2017/07/27

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EBRD signs first project under Greek Renewable Energy Framework – The Financial – 27/07/2017

The EBRD has signed the first project under its new framework for renewable energy in Greece by subscribing to €28.3 million in bonds issued by Hellenic Petroleum, an energy company which is diversifying its activities into the area of renewables.

Source:  The Financial, 2017/07/27

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