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Britain Has It ‘Totally Wrong’ on Approach to Energy, Ineos Says – Bloomberg – 27/06/2017

Britain’s investment in the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant and its bias toward wind power over solar is wrong for the country, according to Britain’s largest closely held company.*

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/06/27

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Paraguay to pass renewable energy law this year – Climate Action – 28/06/2017

Paraguay is preparing to issue its first legislation to support the development of renewable energy sources, including solar and wind power, by the end of 2017.

Source:  Climate Action, 2017/06/28

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Australia set to become the most expensive country for electricity in the world as bills surge by 18 per cent – Mail Online – 28/06/2017

South Australia predicted to have the world's most expensive electricity prices An economics expert expects price increase by retailers on Saturday to hit hard The state is expected to take over Denmark paying the most for electricity SA Premier Jay Weatherill said the government were planning on reducing costs

Source:  Mail Online, 2017/06/28

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Pan American Energy to invest $1.2 billion in Argentina in 2017 – Reuters – 27/06/2017

Argentina-based Pan American Energy, a unit of BP Plc (BP.L), will invest some $1.2 billion in the South American country this year, a company spokesman said on Tuesday, down from the $1.4 billion that the company had announced for 2016.

Source:  Reuters, 2017/06/27

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USA: The Future of Coal Country – The New Yorker – 29/06/2017

Appalachia has supplied coal to the rest of the United States for centuries. In Pennsylvania, a lawsuit involving the Bailey Mine Complex—an underground mine the size of Manhattan—will help determine whether coal interests continue to dominate.

Source:  The New Yorker, 2017/06/29

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UK government announces $44.42 million funding for ‘innovative clean energy projects’ – CNBC – 21/06/2017

The U.K. government has announced £35 million ($44.42 million) in funding for two clean energy projects as part of a wider program that aims to support innovation across the country's energy sector.

Source:  CNBC, 2017/06/21

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An insight into India’s Energy Transformation – The Hans India – 20/06/2017

India has gained global attention for its ambitious clean energy targets. India is now expected to play a major role in global energy transformation, by maintaining its own pledges, holding to account the developed world and thus, building global confidence.

Source:  The Hans India, 2017/06/20

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South Korea steps back from nuclear power – FT – 19/06/2017

South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in has vowed to scrap all existing plans for new nuclear power plants and cancel lifetime extensions for aged reactors, heralding a major overhaul for the country’s energy policy.

Source:  FT, 2017/06/19

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Energy Markets Can Survive This Qatari Blockade – Bloomberg – 18/06/2017

The blockade against Qatar is undoubtedly causing difficulties for the citizens on the small Persian Gulf emirate. But its isolation is far from complete, and chinks in the wall are a clear indication that the connections that exist between Qatar and its uneasy neighbors cannot easily be broken.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/06/18

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5 Countries With the Most Invested in Renewable Energy – Energy & Capital – 17/06/2017

Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates that by 2040, renewables will account for 35% of the world’s total energy production. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates solar and wind alone will account for a slightly less optimistic 21% of the world’s total by then.

Source:  Energy & Capital, 2017/06/17

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