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Putin Again Promises OPEC an Oil Agreement – WSJ – 11/10/2016

Energy ministers, including Russia and Saudi Arabia, expected to hold meetings this week to hammer out tentative deal to limit oil supplies.

Source:  WSJ, 2016/10/11

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Oil downturn ‘huge blow’ to Mexico, says energy minister – Fuel Fix – 23/09/2016

The Mexican secretary of energy said on Friday that the finances of the country’s national oil company have “taken a huge blow” during the oil downturn. Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, speaking to energy executives, attorneys and academics at Rice University on Friday, said that Petróleos Mexicanos – known as Pemex – gathered overwhelming debt [...]

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Opec agrees on oil output cut at Algiers meeting – FT – 29/09/2016

Crude prices climb more than 6% as cartel ministers reach consensus on production curbs.

Source:  FT, 2016/09/29

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Renewable investment costs, historical and projected in USD/kWh

Source: IEA 2015 in: World Energy Council. World Energy Perspectives – Renewables Integration. 2016.

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Russian-Saudi deal lifts oil prices by 5%

Russia and Saudi Arabia signed a memorandum on joint actions to support the stability of the oil market and guarantee a sustainable level of investments. The signatures were made on Sept. 5 by the countries' energy ministers Alexander Novak and Khalid al-Falih. Details of the agreement are still unknown, but immediately after it was announced [...]

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Shale gas in Poland: not the same story as in the U.S.

Within Europe, Poland is known to be one of the most pro-American countries. 74% of Polish people have a favorable view of the U.S. (Pew Research Center, 2015). This has may be one of the factors that have led Poland to try to replicate on its territory the U.S. shale boom. Indeed the country has [...]

Illustration of Variable Costs of Power Plants with CO2 Costs

Source: Stranded Assets in the Utilities Sector as Europe Moves to a Low Carbon Society

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As energy prices drop, ordinary Russians are protesting

The men and women who protested in front of a Moscow bank one recent afternoon would never have imagined, just a few years ago, that they’d one day take to the streets to demand help from the Kremlin. Once prosperous enough to afford expensive Moscow apartments, they are now staggering under an economic burden fueled [...]

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Oil prices lift stocks again as energy companies rally

U.S. stocks jumped Monday as the price of oil surged again, lifting energy stocks as well as mining and chemical companies'. Indexes in Europe and Asia also rose as investors hoped for stimulus to strengthen the economies of those regions and boost sales of energy, building materials and other goods. The price of U.S. oil [...]

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Markets sense oil country ratings still have further to fall

Financial markets are betting that Wednesday's mass downgrade of oil producing countries by Standard and Poor's won't be the last and that Saudi Arabia may fall to just above junk status after oil-producers failed to agree on cuts to boost prices. S&P delivered a double-notch downgrade to Saudi Arabia, stripped Bahrain of its 'investment grade' [...]

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