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Autralia: Renewables helping secure electricity but undersupply risk in short term, report says – The Guardian – 05/09/2017

Energy Market Operator report comes as Coalition seeks to extend life of Australia’s oldest coal power plant, Liddell

Source:  The Guardian, 05/09/2017

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100% Renewable Energy For 139 Nations Detailed In New Stanford Report – Clean Technica – 23/08/2017

Mark Z. Jacobson, the famed professor at the Stanford School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences, and 26 of his colleagues have compiled a report that shows exactly how 139 nations could transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050 without throwing millions of people out of work.

Source:  Clean Technica, 2017/08/23

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South Australia calls for “the next generation” of renewable energy and energy storage projects – Climate Action – 30/08/2017

South Australia is calling for tenders from companies interested in investing in firming renewable energy, bulk energy storage and bioenergy projects having the opportunity to receive support from the $150m Renewable Technology Fund through grants and other financing tools.

Source:  Climate Action, 2017/08/30

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Harvey Ripples Through U.S., Global Energy Markets – The Wall Street Journal – 30/08/2017

Record flooding in Texas is straining superhighway of energy trade

Source:  The Wall Street Journal, 2017/08/30

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Libya crude production sinks 30% after ‘rogue’ militants block pipelines – FT – 30/08/2017

Libya’s crude production has fallen by more than 30 per cent after armed militants blockaded pipelines and closed oilfields, costing the conflict-ridden African producer $160m in lost revenues, the national oil company said on Wednesday.

Source:  FT, 2017/08/30

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Renewable energy generates enough power to run 70% of Australian homes – The Guardian – 27/08/2017

Renewable Energy Index shows sector will generate power to run 90% of homes once wind and solar projects being built in 2016-17 are completed

Source:  The Guardian, 2017/08/27

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US: Renewable Energy Just Hit a Big Milestone – Fortune – 26/07/2017

This year, for the first time in the modern nuclear era, renewable energy has surpassed nuclear power as a percentage of U.S. energy generation. Nuclear power generation has been facing hurdles for a while: it's expensive to expand, often politically unsavory, and not as competitive as the cheap natural gas that has flooded the market [...]

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Ireland’s staggering hypocrisy on climate change – The Guardian – 26/07/2017

On the face of it, Ireland appears to be acting on climate change. Last year it appointed its first ever “climate action minister”, and in June it outlawed onshore fracking. What’s more, the telegenic new taoiseach Leo Varadkar dedicated much of the first day of his Cabinet retreat to discussing climate change.

Source:  The Guardian, 2017/07/26

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Danish fund to track CO2, may exclude some firms from portfolio – Reuters – 26/07/2017

Denmark's biggest commercial pension fund will soon track carbon emissions by companies it invests in, and exclude those it finds breach the Paris climate accord, its CFO told Reuters.

Source:  Reuters, 2017/07/26

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Canada’s climate-change plan threatens business competitiveness, Trudeau warned – The Globe and Mail – 25/07/2017

Canada’s climate-change plan and other government measures are heaping costs on businesses and pushing them to a breaking point, the Chamber of Commerce says in a warning to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Source:  The Globe and Mail, 2017/07/25

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