Egypt ignores runaway borrowing at its own peril – The New Arab – 12/09/2017

Egypt's public debt now totals more than 130 percent of GDP - as compared to 92.2 percent in 2014, when Egypt's was the world's 18th most indebted government. Cairo has now climbed up that debtor rank to be among the world's top five.

Source:  The New Arab, 12/09/2017

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Austria makes record €3.5bn century bond issuance – World Finance – 13/09/2017

Austria has raised $4.2bn in 100-year bonds, marking the largest ever long-term debt issuance

Source:  World Finance, 13/09/2017

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China Prepares Sale of $2 Billion in U.S.-Dollar Bonds – Fox Business – 13/09/2017

China is laying the groundwork for its first sale of U.S.-dollar sovereign bonds in more than a decade, a move toward expanding its ties with global investors as its economy improves.

Source:  Fox Business, 13/09/2017

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USA: The amazing disgrace of our $20T national debt – New York Post – 13/09/2017

A disgraceful milestone was reached this week when US government debt busted through the $20 trillion level and quickly went over $20.1 trillion.

Source:  New York Post, 13/09/2017

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China’s overall debt risk is controllable, says official – Atimes – 07/09/2017

The rising debt level in China is being attributed to high-leveraged, non-financial corporate firms, especially state-owned enterprises

Source:  Atimes, 07/09/2017

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Record inflows just the beginning for Asia’s highest yield debt – The Economic Times – 06/09/2017

Asia’s highest-yielding bonds are holding on to their fans, with top investors saying they’ll keep buying Indian and Indonesian debt -- even if policy makers don’t keep easing.

Source:  The Economic Times, 06/09/2017

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Cracks Emerge in Corporate Debt Confidence – Bloomberg – 06/09/2017

Traders turn to derivatives to hedge against potential losses.

Source:  Bloomberg, 06/09/2017

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Wall Street has ‘a bigger fear’ of a debt-ceiling crisis than in the past — here’s what happened to markets during the last scare – Business Insider – 03/09/2017

September marks the end of the summer slump on Wall Street, and could also be the most crucial month of the year. Congress' failure to pass a funding bill that keeps the government open is just one many risks that could rock global markets. Historically, stocks have rebounded after government shutdowns, and investors still [...]

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US: Experian finds total student loan balances increased 149 percent since 2007 – Experian – 29/08/2017

The study also shows that the average student loan amount per consumer increased 62 percent during that time, but the percentage of late payments has been decreasing since 2009

Source:  Experian, 2017/08/29

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Someone Just Made a Giant Bet on Korean Sovereign Bonds – Bloomberg – 25/08/2017

Net foreign purchases of futures on the country’s three-year sovereign debt swelled to a record high of 29,147 contracts at the close of trade in Seoul, according to exchange figures. The buying binge, valued at around $2.8 billion, is the most in data going back to 2004.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/08/25

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