Global new investment in renewable energy: developed vs. developing countries

The following graph from a Frankfurt School-UNEP Centre/BNEF report describes the share of developed vs. developing countries in global new investment in renewables energy. It shows that although the former are a huge part of global investment, the latter are growing in importance too. As described in the report:

“Wind, originally pioneered in developed countries such [...]

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Coal demand in key regions

According to a recent IEA presentation: “The peak in Chinese demand is an inflexion point for coal; held back by concerns over air pollution & carbon emissions, global coal use is overtaken by gas in the 2030s”.

Coal demand in key regions

Source: IEA. World Energy Outlook 2016 and In-depth Review of Poland’s energy policies 2016. Janaury [...]

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Coal Recovery Too Good to Resist for World’s Biggest Shipper – Bloomberg – 12/01/2017

Indonesia will exceed its coal production target for another year as miners cash in after prices recovered from a five-year collapse. The world’s biggest exporter will produce about 489 million metric tons this year, 18 percent above the government-mandated target, according to energy ministry forecasts. That’s up from last year’s output estimated at 434 million [...]

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Annual electricity generating capacity additions and retirements (Reference case)

In its Annual Energy Outlook 2017, the U.S. IEA tried to assess changes in the American power mix. According to the U.S. EIA, “Lower capital costs and the availability of tax credits boost near term wind additions and sustain solar additions; whereas coal-fired unit retirements in the Reference case driven by low [...]

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China’s Plan for 20 percent Increase in Coal Power Consistent with Climate Target – Brink Asia – 01/12/2016

China recently announced a 20 percent increase in coal power capacity by 2020. Does the new target contradict its pledge to peak carbon emissions well before 2030 under the Paris Agreement?

Source:  Brink Asia, 2016/12/01

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The coal phase-out, an old chestnut or an ongoing reality

Finland could become on December 25th, the first country to ditch coal-fired power plants for good. “Giving up coal is the only way to reach international climate goals”, said the Olli Rehn, Minister for Economic Affairs. Three days ago, Canada itself had announced a plan to phase out the use of coal-fired electricity, with the [...]

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Potential CO2 emissions from coal power plants by status

Climate Analytics recently published a report on Implications of the Paris agreement for coal in power sector. The report describes for example “the resulting emissions from operating and planned coal power plants.” It shows that: “Almost all of the CO2 emissions in the EU28 and the OECD arise from existing coal-fired power plants. Still, the [...]

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China to increase coal-fired power capacity by 20 percent – The Hill – 08/11/2016

Chinese officials say they will increase coal power capacity by 20 percent by 2020, despite the country’s commitment to an international climate change accord designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that China’s National Energy Administration is aiming for a 200-gigawatt increase in coal-fired electricity capacity in the country over [...]

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Finland plans to ban coal by 2030 – New Europe – 04/11/2016

Finland’s Economy Minister Olli Rehn has announced plans to prohibit the use of coal in energy production by 2030 – possibly by means of a statutory prohibition. In an interview with the local daily Helsingin Sanomat on November 3, the minister said the country’s energy and climate strategy currently under preparation recommends that the use [...]

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China invests in Brazil’s coal sector as hydropower falters – chinadialogue – 31/10/2016

China is investing in a new coal-fired power plant in Brazil as the country looks to cover a decline in hydropower. Critics say renewables would be cheaper and better for the climate.

Source:  chinadialogue, 2016/10/31

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