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Flights worldwide face increased risk of severe turbulence due to climate change – Science Daily – 04/10/2017

Flights all around the world could be encountering lots more turbulence in the future, according to the first ever global projections of in-flight bumpiness.

Source:  Science Daily, 04/10/2017

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Norway Takes Hard Look at Climate Risk for Vast Oil Riches – Bloomberg – 05/10/2017

What is 47 billion barrels in oil and gas really worth in an age where renewable sources are increasingly filling the world’s energy needs? That’s what Norway, western Europe’s biggest oil and gas producer, is asking itself as it prepares to take a hard look at the risks climate change poses to its economy and [...]

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Australia: Climate change is real’: energy minister hits out at Tony Abbott – The Guardian – 11/10/2017

The energy minister, Josh Frydenberg, has slapped down Tony Abbott and other conservative rebels, declaring that climate change is real and that was why Abbott agreed to join the Paris international climate agreement when he was prime minister.

Source:  The Guardian, 11/10/2017

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Germany at huge risk of missing 2020 climate targets, government figures show – – 11/10/2017

Germany aims to reduce its green house gas emissions by 40 percent by 2020. But, according to a new paper by the Federal Environment Ministry (UBA), this likely will not be achieved.

Source:, 11/10/2017

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Trump administration planning to scrap Obama’s ‘game changing’ climate change regulation – The Independent – 04/10/2017

The Trump administration reportedly plans to repeal the Clean Power Plan, a “game changer” of a piece of Obama era climate change legislation. Reuters said it had seen a document “distributed to members of the agency’s Regulatory Steering Committee” about “issuing a proposal to repeal the rule” and opening up a comment period for replacement [...]

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Israel’s only natural gas field falters, raising questions – Xinhuanet – 28/09/2017

Just a few years after Israel discovered its first natural gas field, a faulty pipe has disrupted the flow of gas which is responsible for the majority of the small country's power supply.

Source:  Xinhuanet, 28/09/2017

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Flirting with disaster? World Bank’s push for climate insurance questioned – Bretton Woods Project – 28/09/2017

In August, the World Bank announced a new sovereign catastrophe risk insurance programme in the Philippines, which provides $206 million worth of aggregate coverage for federal government assets from earthquakes and typhoons, as well as providing typhoon insurance for 25 provincial governments. The Bank noted, “Under this new program government-owned insurance agency Government Service [...]

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More Than 60% of FTSE 100 Companies Not Reporting Climate Risks – Sustainable Brands – 02/10/2017

Despite growing investor demand for information surrounding businesses’ social and environmental performance, a new report from Carbon Clear has revealed that 61 FTSE 100 companies are not assessing or not disclosing climate risk in their annual reports.

Source:  Sustainable Brands, 02/10/2017

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From oil refineries to solar plants, unions bend California climate change policies in their favor – Los Angeles Times – 20/09/2017

No contour of California’s vast landscape inspires such passionate devotion as its coastline, so state lawmakers recoiled when President Trump announced in April that he wanted to expand offshore drilling. The outrage was channeled into a proposal for preventing any new infrastructure along the water, pipelines or otherwise, for additional oil production.

Source:  Los Angeles Times, [...]

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Climate change made Lucifer heatwave far more likely, scientists find – The Guardian – 27/09/2017

The scorching temperatures across Europe’s Mediterranean nations this summer were made at least 10 times more likely by climate change, according to scientists. Furthermore, without action to tackle global warming, such summer heatwaves with temperatures soaring over 40C will become normal by 2050.

Source:  The Guardian, 27/09/2017

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