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No tax on CO2 emissions in China’s new environment law – The Economic Times – 26/12/2016

China has passed a law that levies taxes on pollution, but ignores carbon dioxide, one of the major contributors to global warming, according to the web site of the country's highest legislative body. The National People's Congress (NPC) standing committee passed the law, the first to tax polluters, on Sunday, less than a fortnight after [...]

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Hungary’s nuclear ambitions for climate change – World Nuclear News – 13/12/2016

Hungary's commitment to nuclear power reflects its dedication to meeting ambitious global climate change targets as outlined by the International Energy Agency (IEA), government officials told delegates at the Budapest Energy Summit last week. Hungary joined the IEA in 1997.

Source:  World Nuclear News, 2016/12/13

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Climate change: Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions may surpass its commitment level soon – International Business Times – 05/12/2016

Despite global efforts to curb global warming and climate change, Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are rising. The country has already spent 20 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions allowance for year 2050.

Source:  International Business Times, 2016/12/05

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Finland: Govt bets on electric cars, more renewables in new energy and climate strategy – Yle – 24/11/2016

Government's new energy and climate strategy focuses on cutting emissions from road traffic by rolling out a quarter of a million electric cars by 2030. It also wants 50 percent of the country's energy to come from renewables by the year 2020. Interest groups gave the policy blueprint mixed reviews.

Source:  Yle, 2016/11/24

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200 countries agree climate timeframe and appeal to Trump – The Irish Times – 19/11/2016

Marrakesh conference agrees to work out a rule book by December 2018.

Source:  The Irish Times, 2016/11/19

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Forty nations agree to meet 100 per cent renewable energy targets – The Economic Times – 19/11/2016

Marrakech: The Climate Vulnerable Forum -- a group comprising over 40 countries -- on Friday agreed to meet 100 per cent domestic renewable energy production as rapidly as possible and pledged to take actions to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Source:  The Economic Times, 2016/11/19

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Climate: no country on target for world 2 degrees goal – – 16/11/2016

No country is shifting from dirty to clean energy fast enough to hold global warming below two degrees Celsius, a ranking of 58 nations responsible for 90 percent of energy-related CO2 emissions showed Wednesday. Despite a boom in renewables, especially solar and wind, "the necessary energy revolution is still happening too slowly," the Climate Change [...]

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Canada gives $3.3bn subsidies to fossil fuel producers despite climate pledge – The Guardian – 15/11/2016

Government subsidy to gas and oil companies undermine Trudeau’s plan to put national price on carbon dioxide by 2018, environmental report warned

Source:  The Guardian, 2016/11/15

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EU’s Juncker demands clarity from Trump on trade, climate, NATO – Reuters – 10/11/2016

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called on Thursday for clarity from Donald Trump on issues such as global trade, climate policy and future relations with NATO allies following his U.S. victory in the presidential election.

Source:  Reuters, 2016/11/10

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Australia ratifies climate pact amid Trump fears – – 10/11/2016

Australia ratified the Paris climate agreement on Thursday, amid fears US president-elect Donald Trump could follow through on his pledge to "cancel" the landmark pact aimed at tackling global warming. More than 100 nations representing 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions have inked the historic Paris Agreement, the world's first universal climate pact, which came [...]

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