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Hurricane Irma: IMF is resisting a moratorium on Barbuda’s sovereign debt repayments – The Independent – 11/09/2017

The IMF's special representative to the United Nations suggested the Fund would rather lend more money to the island, rather than stop collecting the repayments due

Source:  The Independent, 11/09/2017

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Northern China smog cuts life expectancy by 3 years versus south: study – Reuters – 11/09/2017

Air pollution caused by coal-fired winter heating has slashed life expectancy in northern China by more than three years compared with the south, according to a new study, underlining the urgency of Beijing’s efforts to tackle smog.

Source:  Reuters, 11/09/2017

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Climate change challenges the survival of fish across the world – Science Daily – 13/09/2017

Researchers have published the first analysis looking at how vulnerable the world's freshwater and marine fishes are to climate change. Their study used physiological data to predict how nearly 3,000 fish species living in oceans and rivers will respond to warming water temperatures in different regions.

Source:  Science Daily, 13/09/2017

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Study projects climate change to increase heat-related deaths – The Brown Daily Herald Tribune – 13/09/2017

Potential increase in heat-related deaths indicate public health concern with climate change

Source:  The Brown Daily Herald Tribune, 13/09/2017

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Experts hope upcoming defence bill could alert Trump to climate change’s threat to national security – The Independent – 06/09/2017

The administration's argument against fighting climate change may be at odds with its national security stance

Source:  The Independent, 06/09/2017

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Greenland: How rapid climate change on world’s largest island will affect us all – The Independent – 07/09/2017

The ice sheet is melting and permafrost is thawing. What's happening in Greenland will speed up climate change across the world

Source:  The Independent, 07/09/2017

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Twin megastorms have scientists fearing this may be the new normal – The Guardian – 06/09/2017

Destructive force of Irma and Harvey has Trump expressing awe, but those in power should focus on the environmental causes

Source:  The Guardian, 06/09/2017

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Heat wave, fires, hurricanes bear the ‘fingerprints of climate change,’ scientists say – Sacbee – 06/09/2017

As Hurricane Irma prepared to strike the Florida coast and millions of acres continued to burn in the West, climatologists said it was overly simplistic to blame global warming for the flurry of chaotic weather afflicting portions of the United States. Wildfires, heat waves and hurricanes are common this time of year.

Source:  Sacbee, 06/09/2017

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SSE issues new green bond – London Loves Business – 31/08/2017

SSE issues new green bond

Source:  London Loves Business, 2017/08/31

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Asian Development Bank calls for green financing mechanisms – DAWN – 30/08/2017

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has proposed the creation of national green financing vehicles to catalyse environmentally and financially sustainable infrastructure investments in Asia and the Pacific.

Source:  DAWN, 2017/08/30

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