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Climate change is top concern among foreign policy experts: poll – Axios – 08/11/2017

The Pew Research Center came out with a report yesterday that compares public opinion in various countries against the views of a group of foreign policy experts. Climate was the top concern among the 547 policy experts surveyed about various "threats," with 70% calling it a "major" threat to their country. Other "threats" they were [...]

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Deutsche Bank maps climate change risks for investments – The Sydney Morning Herald – 09/11/2017

Deutsche Bank has developed a tool to forecast where its investments across the globe may be impacted by natural disasters brought on by climate change.

Source:  The Sydney Morning Herald, 2017/11/09

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Syria Joins Paris Climate Accord, Leaving Only U.S. Opposed – The New York Times – 07/11/2017

Syria announced during United Nations climate talks on Tuesday that it would sign the Paris agreement on climate change. The move, which comes on the heels of Nicaragua signing the accord last month, will leave the United States as the only country that has rejected the global pact.

Source:  The New York Times, 2017/11/07

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Norway to study shift from oil due to climate risks – Climate Action – 06/10/2017

Norway, Western Europe’s biggest oil and gas producer, is set to reduce dependency on oil and gas exports due to loss of value of oil and gas amid climate change mitigation efforts and increased value of clean energy technologies.

Source:  Climate Action, 2017/10/06

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Climate change is putting more homes at risk of wildfire – Inman – 17/10/2017

Last week’s wildfire disaster in Northern California has drawn renewed attention to the impact of climate change on patterns of real estate development. As a counterpoint to the attraction of waterfront property despite hurricane risks, the beauty of Northern California and other western regions has always been accompanied by a certain level of wildfire risk.

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Americans want a tax on carbon pollution, but how to get one? – The Guardian – 23/10/2017

According to a new study published by Yale scientists in Environmental Research Letters, Americans are willing to pay a carbon tax that would increase their household energy bills by $15 per month, or about 15%, on average. This result is consistent with a survey from last year that also found Americans are willing to pay [...]

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Nigeria needs $142 billion to meet climate change target – FG – Premium Times – 27/09/2017

The Nigeria Nationally Determined Contributions, NDC, ambition under Climate Change Accord will cost estimated $142 billion, to meet the 2030 target.

Source:  Premium Times, 2017/09/27

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U.S. Climate Change Policy: Made in California – New York Times – 27/09/2017

The Trump administration may appear to control climate policy in Washington, but the nation’s most dynamic environmental regulator is here in California.

Source:  New York Times, 2017/09/27

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The IMF and Climate Change: Three Things Christine Lagarde Can Do to Cement Her Legacy on Climate – IPS News Agency – 11/10/2017

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and climate change do not often appear in the same headline together. Indeed, environmental issues have been, at most, peripheral to the Fund’s core functions. But now economists inside and outside the IMF are beginning to understand that climate change has significant implications for national and regional economies, and so [...]

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Canada: Caisse to Reduce High-Carbon Investments, Boost Renewables – Bloomberg – 18/10/2017

Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec, one of Canada’s largest pension funds, will scale back its high-carbon investments such as coal while boosting its renewable holdings in a bid to help fight climate change.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/10/18

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