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The Fed seems on track to achieve its monetary policy normalization

On Wednesday, September 20th, the Fed left interest rates unchanged but FOMC members signalled they still expect one more hike by year end despite a recent bout of low inflation. The big news, however, is on the beginning of the reduction of the huge Fed’s balance sheet after three successive waves of quantitative easing. Indeed, [...]

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India has been Modi…fied

Since taking office in May 2014, the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government managed to change the economic and financial structure of India into a prosperous and attractive economy. Real GDP growth declined slightly in Q4 2016 to 7.3%, still below the 8% official target but remained comfortable given the current context of secular stagnation [...]

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“Oil for paper” international program

The Bank of Japan announced on October 31st, 2014 it would increase its rate of money creation. Japan had started a quantitative easing very early at the end of the XXth century, then stopped in 2006. Just to re-start with Mr Abe in December 2012 with his “Abenomics”. Only a few months after Fukushima (March [...]

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