Azerbaijan diversifies economy as oil prices hit profits – Daily Sabah – 18/10/2016

By implementing serious reforms in all sectors of the economy, Azerbaijan's government promotes diversification in order to find ways to diversify its economy from oil to ensure faster growth

Source:  Daily Sabah, 2016/10/18

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Iran’s return: not just short-term impacts

Much has been written on Iran’s return to the global oil market. Indeed, the issues at stake are significant not only at the regional level but also at the global level. Two possible radical directions appear to be possible. On the one hand, Iran has the potential to boost global oil supply in a context [...]

Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia work on establishing energy corridor

Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia are working to create the North-South energy corridor among the three neighbor countries. This was announced by Azerbaijan's Energy Minister Natig Aliyev on February 10. He told journalists that the removal of the international sanctions from Iran will play a significant role in the development of Baku's relations with Tehran. "The [...]

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Which oil nation will need bailing out next?

More countries are expected to join oil-rich but cash-poor Azerbaijan and Nigeria in asking for international financial help if the price per barrel continues to show no sign of recovering, commodity experts have warned. After Azerbaijan and Nigeria requested international financial aid in January as oil prices wallowed around, and even dipped below, the $30 [...]

Azerbaijan and Jordan, opposite karmas?

Oil price is weighing on the traditional credit ratings of producers. That is a fact. The last episode was last week when Standard & Poor’s downgraded Azerbaijan’s rating from BBB- to junk (BB+). The rational of this move is rather obvious: 95% of the Azerbaijani exports depend on oil and gas, and the current energy [...]

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Azerbaijan turning Turkey into energy hub

Azerbaijan is going to increase investments in Turkey until 2018 by about $20 billion, what makes Baku one of the most important economic partners of Ankara. Despite that Turkey is an energy-dependent country the geographical location gives it an ideal chance to play an important role in transiting energy resources. After the Justice and Development [...]

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How will Azerbaijani energy projects help Greece?

In a difficult situation, Greece needs to focus on developing strategic projects that will bring revenues and dividends to the country in the future. Azerbaijani projects can also be considered in this regard: a deal on purchasing a share by the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan in Greek DESFA natural gas transmission system operator and [...]

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Could Iran Play A Part In EU Energy Security?

Azerbaijan’s energy minister, Natig Aliyev, says the gas pipeline originating in his country can also transport fuel to Europe through the Trans-Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) from Iran and other neighboring nations in both the Middle East and Central Asia. “Gas from Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq, as well as from Israel and Cyprus, can be connected to the [...]

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and the Ionian Adriatic Pipeline (IAP)

The markets for Azerbaijani gas in Europe were selected at the end of June 2013. The decision was made in favor of TAP, which links gas exports to Southern Italy by way of Greece and Albania. This pipeline is designed for future expansion from 10 to 20 bcm/a and in some sections to have built-in [...]

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Oil prices and its discontents

Globalization had its discontents, so does the oil business. If forecasting is just another word for making mistakes, then the petroleum exporting countries can be worried.
This graph presents the 2014 fiscal and external breakeven oil prices (IMF estimates), meaning the prices that balance their budget and their current accounts, for the world main producers and [...]