Australia: New coalmines will worsen poverty and escalate climate change, report finds – The Guardian – 21/05/2017

Oxfam attacks Australia’s ‘climate policy paralysis’ and urges it to promise no new coalmines and end public subsidies

Source:  The Guardian, 2017/05/21

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Australia : IMF says public debt to lighten, not so says government – The Australian – 27/04/2017

Australia’s public debt burden, which has ratcheted up from around zero to $490 billion over the past decade, is apparently about to lighten.

Source:  The Australian, 2017/04/27

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Australia integrates climate and disaster risk – Reliefweb – 27/04/2017

Australia estimates that its annual economic losses from disasters will triple to US$17.7 billion by 2050 as it embarks on a new initiative to integrate climate change action and disaster resilience.

Source:  Reliefweb, 2017/04/27

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Boost for Tasmanian hydro is a boost for clean energy nationwide: CEC – Eco Generation – 20/04/2017

A successful expansion of Tasmania’s huge hydro capacity has the potential to increase the country’s energy storage and support new renewables like wind and solar, the Clean Energy Council said following an announcement by the Prime Minister and Tasmanian Premier.

Source:  Eco Generation, 2017/04/20

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Four top-rated countries exposed to housing correction – Moody’s – Reuters – 11/04/2017

The Moody's report titled 'Credit Profiles Resilient to Rising Household Debt and Stretched Housing Affordability' focused on Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Sweden - all AAA rated countries where home prices and household debt have soared in the last three years.

Source:  Reuters, 2017/04/11

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Asian Nations Swimming in Debt at Risk From Fed Rate Hikes – Bloomberg – 10/04/2017

Twenty years after the Asian financial crisis and a decade since the global credit crunch, the region is swimming in debt.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/04/10

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Australia’s Energy Luck Runs Out – Bloomberg – 09/04/2017

With its abundance of mineral wealth and sun-kissed shores, Australia takes pride in thinking of itself as the "lucky country."

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/04/09

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Australia losing AAA rating would spark turn to bank debt, NAB says – – 04/04/2017

Australia's biggest banks would find new demand for their debt if the country loses its top credit score.

Source:, 2017/04/04

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Australians sitting on mountains of cash as wealth outpaces debt – The Sydney Morning Herald – 30/03/2017

Households saw their wealth balloon to a record $11.7 trillion last quarter as cash holdings topped a trillion dollars for the first time ever, boding well for spending in the face of tepid wages growth.

Source:  The Sydney Morning Herald, 2017/03/30

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Power Price Spike Hits Australia as Coal Plant Shuts Down – Bloomberg – 28/03/2017

Electricity futures surged since Engie flagged Hazelwood exit Market struggling to absorb impact on prices of closure: UBS

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/03/28

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