Australia shuns clean energy target in policy overhaul – Reuters – 17/10/2017

Australia’s government on Tuesday rejected calls to set a clean energy target, instead scrapping aid for renewable projects and adopting a fuel-neutral energy policy that it said could keep the country’s lights on and cut power prices.

Source:  Reuters, 2017/10/17

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The IMF has joined the list of major organisations concerned about Australia’s household debt – Business Insider – 04/10/2017

The IMF has issued a warning on Australia’s domestic economy, highlighting the threats to consumption growth from growing household debt levels. The “Rising Household Debt: What It Means for Growth and Stability” research report says that while an increase in household debt provides a near-term boost to the economy, the positive effects begin to reverse [...]

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Australia to abandon clean energy target – Financial Times – 17/10/2017

Australia plans to ditch its clean energy target aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions in favour of coal power generation, in a scheme that echoes US President Donald Trump’s energy policies.

Source:  Financial Times, 2017/10/17

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Australia: Giant electricity machine is degrading – Financial Review – 26/09/2017

After debating about how to run it for more than a decade, the giant machine that provides electricity to the east coast of Australia continues to slowly degrade. Higher prices are a market signalling supply shortages. The threat of blackouts is the next logical warning of what happens when we manage to argue about a [...]

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Australia: Climate change is real’: energy minister hits out at Tony Abbott – The Guardian – 11/10/2017

The energy minister, Josh Frydenberg, has slapped down Tony Abbott and other conservative rebels, declaring that climate change is real and that was why Abbott agreed to join the Paris international climate agreement when he was prime minister.

Source:  The Guardian, 11/10/2017

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Australia needs 75% renewables by 2030 to meet Paris targets, cut costs – Reneweconomy – 25/09/2017

Less than one year after the Australian government agreed to ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change, a new report has warned that Australia risks falling short of its own national emissions targets without significantly ramping up the electricity sector’s shift to renewable energy.

Source:  Reneweconomy, 25/09/2017

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Australia’s sloth on energy policy puts economy at risk – Investment Magazine – 27/09/2017

That said, no amount of moaning with fellow expats and crying into our warm beer about the country of our birth’s lack of long-term vision is going to solve the problems we face. We need action and we need it now. We urgently need to find a way forward on energy transition and climate policy [...]

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Autralia: Renewables helping secure electricity but undersupply risk in short term, report says – The Guardian – 05/09/2017

Energy Market Operator report comes as Coalition seeks to extend life of Australia’s oldest coal power plant, Liddell

Source:  The Guardian, 05/09/2017

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South Australia calls for “the next generation” of renewable energy and energy storage projects – Climate Action – 30/08/2017

South Australia is calling for tenders from companies interested in investing in firming renewable energy, bulk energy storage and bioenergy projects having the opportunity to receive support from the $150m Renewable Technology Fund through grants and other financing tools.

Source:  Climate Action, 2017/08/30

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Renewable energy generates enough power to run 70% of Australian homes – The Guardian – 27/08/2017

Renewable Energy Index shows sector will generate power to run 90% of homes once wind and solar projects being built in 2016-17 are completed

Source:  The Guardian, 2017/08/27

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