Agricultural impact of climate change and beyond

Will this new year reach a new temperature record? While some (rarer and rarer, though) science dissenters are still doubtful of the evidence, claiming for one extra tenth of percentage of certainty (reminding some psychological denial in front of the disaster more than sane scientist dubiety), year after year – nearly month after month – [...]

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Agricultural dependence by ethnic group settlement area and location of armed conflict events

According to researchers from Sweden and Norway, the conflict potential of drought should not be underestimated:

“Understanding the conflict potential of drought is critical for dealing effectively with the societal implications of climate change. Using new georeferenced ethnicity and conflict data for Asia and Africa since 1989, we present an actor-oriented analysis of growing-season drought and [...]

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Climate change, a cereal killer? a serial killer?

A new study was published today by Dr Marco Springmann from the University of Oxford assessing the potential death toll related to climate change. This is the first try ever to actually see what the impact of climate change could be on agriculture and therefore on food supply. The underlying model is the International Model [...]

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The World Bank and climate change

The World Bank released on Monday a new report titled Shock waves: Managing the impact of climate change on poverty, aiming at the economic consequences of climate change. Namely, the organization forecasts that within the next fifteen years about 100 million additional people will be pushed back into poverty. And “the poorest regions of the [...]

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The largest emitters in agriculture within the global context













Agriculture accounts for about an eighth of global emissions. This report, which highlights the lack of reporting on indirect emissions from agricultural production by most companies in the FBT (Food, Beverage, and Tobacco) sector, suggests that not accounting for these emissions exposes companies to substantial risk.

Source: CDP. The Forgotten 10%: Climate Mitigation in Agricultural Supply [...]

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