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SourceDateGeographyTopic(s)Article's titleCountry 1Country 2Nature of Risk1Nature of Risk2Nature of Risk3Topic 1Topic 2Sub-topic energy (optional)
The Guardian2016/01/26United Kingdomenergy productionEngineers warn of looming UK energy gapUnited Kingdomenergy riskenergy production
Bloomberg2016/01/26Chinaenergy productionChina Energy Giant Signals Nation's Fuel Oversupply Is WorseningChinaenergy riskenergy production
Reuters2016/01/25Europe, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, France, Croatiapublic financePublic finances of 11 EU countries are at high risk in medium-term: EUEuropeBelgiumsovereign riskcountry riskpublic finance
Bloomberg2016/01/25Worldclimate change, debtClimate Change and Sovereign DebtWorldsovereign riskclimate riskclimate changedebt
New York Times2016/01/24Iran (Islamic Republic of), Chinaenergy tradeChina Deepens Its Footprint in Iran After Lifting of SanctionsIran (Islamic Republic of)Chinaenergy riskenergy trade
The Telegraph2016/01/24Saudi Arabia, United States of Americaenergy productionSaudis ‘will not destroy the US shale industry’Saudi ArabiaUnited States of Americaenergy riskenergy production
The Times of India2016/01/22Indiaclimate change policies, climate change negotiationsIndia submits climate action performance report to UN body, says it cut carbon emission intensity by 12% in 5 yearsIndiaclimate riskclimate change policiesclimate change negotiations
The Washington Post2016/01/22United States of Americaclimate change policiesObama administration expands climate fight with proposed rules for oil and gas drillingUnited States of Americaclimate riskenergy riskclimate change policies
International Business Times2016/01/22United Arab Emiratesenergy subsidiesDavos 2016: United Arab Emirates Wants To Eliminate Energy Subsidies For Oil And GasUnited Arab Emiratesenergy riskenergy subsidies
Bloomberg2016/01/21Polandpolitical riskJPMorgan Recommends Selling Zloty as Political Risks MountPolandsovereign riskpolitical riskpolitical risk
Bloomberg2016/01/21Iran (Islamic Republic of)energy productionIran Energy Comeback Won't Boost Global Natgas Supply SoonIran (Islamic Republic of)energy riskenergy production
Reuters2016/01/21Saudi Arabiaenergy productionNo sign Saudi Arabia will ride to oil market rescueSaudi Arabiaenergy riskmacro-economic risksenergy production
MarketWatch2016/01/20Worldfinancial sector, debtDefault risk in energy debt seen as higher than Great RecessionWorldsovereign riskenergy riskfinancial sectordebt
The Guardian2016/01/20Worldenergy transition, energy pricesSlump in oil prices drives green energy takeup in top exporting nationsWorldenergy riskenergy transitionenergy prices
WSJ2016/01/20China, Saudi Arabiaenergy tradeSaudi Aramco Set for Chinese Energy DealsChinaSaudi Arabiaenergy riskenergy trade