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Inequality, Human Capital, and Growth

Economists are increasingly focusing on the links between inequality and economic growth1. This growing literature, though sometimes contradictory, has highlighted a material relationship. Yet, few authors have thoroughly analysed the intermediaries of this interaction. One of the key determinants usually put forth is human capital. This seems only natural as the role of human capital [...]

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What effects of the integration of “Energy-Climate-Natural Resources” determinants in the country risk methodology?

The Beyond Ratings country risk proprietary methodology is based on five pillars of analysis, of which the Energy-Climate-Natural Resources (ECR) pillar is the main innovation in comparison with conventional methodologies. The comparative analysis of risk scores, excluding and including the Energy-Climate-Natural Resources determinants, reveals that they provide distinct complementary information to the determinants of the [...]

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Allocation methodology of national climate budgets

While the Paris COP21 and the Marrakech COP22 have sent a strong signal as to the degree of commitment of the different stakeholders to the climate issue, there is still a long way to go. Indeed, much research has shown that the aggregation of commitments to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions globally would result in [...]

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