In 2017, Investors Can Either Buy Bubbles or Be Left Far Behind – Bloomberg – 09/11/2017

A portfolio stuffed with allegedly over-inflated assets would have returned more than 120 percent so far in 2017, trouncing the S&P 500 Index and underscoring the challenge for investors facing a plethora of pricey securities.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/11/09

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Unscheduled Moody’s visit points to certainty of downgrade – Business Day – 09/11/2017

SA maintains a negative outlook because the country’s politics remain a concern, Moody’s 2018 Sovereign Outlook shows

Source:  Business Day, 2017/11/09

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Moody’s downgrades Nigeria’s sovereign issuer rating to B2 with a stable outlook – Moody’s – 07/11/2017

Moody's Investors Service has today downgraded the Government of Nigeria's long-term issuer and senior unsecured debt rating to B2 from B1 and the senior unsecured MTN program rating and the provisional senior unsecured debt rating to (P)B2 from (P)B1. The rating outlook remains stable.

Source:  Moody's, 2017/11/07

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Argentina at Mercy of Debt Markets to Fund Reforms, Macri Says – Bloomberg – 08/11/2017

Argentina’s ambitious reform plans will be vulnerable to global debt markets in the coming years, said President Mauricio Macri, who gave his clearest indication yet that he will seek a second term to fulfill them.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/11/08

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Gramercy Says Venezuela Saga to Be Worse Than Argentina’s – Bloomberg – 06/11/2017

Of the many sovereign bonds restructurings Robert Koenigsberger has witnessed in his three decades in the business, none will come close to Venezuela, he says.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/11/06

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Russia Braces for Debt Blowback If U.S. Stiffens Its Sanctions – Bloomberg – 07/11/2017

Russia is prepared for higher borrowing costs in the market as a result of concerns about possible U.S. sanctions, although the budget fallout would be limited, according to Deputy Finance Minister Vladimir Kolychev.

Source:  Bloomberg, 2017/11/07

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Oil eases from 2-1/2 year highs, focus on Saudi tensions – Reuters – 06/11/2017

Oil settled lower on Tuesday after rising to the highest since July 2015 the previous day, while tension flared between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and the Saudi crown prince tightened his grip on power.

Source:  Reuters, 2017/11/06

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Climate change is top concern among foreign policy experts: poll – Axios – 08/11/2017

The Pew Research Center came out with a report yesterday that compares public opinion in various countries against the views of a group of foreign policy experts. Climate was the top concern among the 547 policy experts surveyed about various "threats," with 70% calling it a "major" threat to their country. Other "threats" they were [...]

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2 Reasons Solar Is Booming in Trump Country: Price and Energy Independence – Inside Climate News – 06/11/2017

Here's how solar companies like Silicon Ranch are helping drive renewable energy expansion in the conservative South.

Source:  Inside Climate News, 2017/11/06

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Deutsche Bank maps climate change risks for investments – The Sydney Morning Herald – 09/11/2017

Deutsche Bank has developed a tool to forecast where its investments across the globe may be impacted by natural disasters brought on by climate change.

Source:  The Sydney Morning Herald, 2017/11/09

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