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« Potential unexpected consequences of the expected failure of the Saudi Aramco IPO”

« Potential unexpected consequences of the expected failure of the Saudi Aramco IPO”

Since its announcement in early 2016, the prospect of Saudi Aramco's IPO has emerged as an evidence for most observers and analysts. Only the issue of valuation was the subject of disagreement and debate, from the US $ 100 billion target set by the [...]

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The energy transition away from oil : climate-related policy or wider strategic move ?

Until recently, the issue of energy transition was mainly dealt with in terms of structure of power generation capacities. Why ? Quite simply because this sector concentrates the highest potential of massive energy substitutions. Endogenous technological innovation, a more and more precise and relevant support from a large number of States, and a host of [...]

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The Trump administration: from climate Scylla to energy Charybdis

It was expected that the Trump administration would not waste time in implementing his campaign promises. In fact, within a few months, a handful of decisions are breaking down regulatory provisions that would have helped the United States meet the energy and climate challenges of the coming decades. Under the guise of restoring optimal conditions [...]

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Mitigating the impact of energy on the economic cycle: shale oil & gas not the game-changer

There was no longer any room to deny the evidence. In just a few weeks in late 2016, the International Energy Agency confirmed in two of its publications what a handful of analysts had identified as soon as several years ago: the shale sector in the United States, shale oil and shale gas, never generated [...]

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Allocation methodology of national climate budgets

While the Paris COP21 and the Marrakech COP22 have sent a strong signal as to the degree of commitment of the different stakeholders to the climate issue, there is still a long way to go. Indeed, much research has shown that the aggregation of commitments to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions globally would result in [...]

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The Vienna oil agreement: what really is the Saudi agenda?

The USD 10.00-rebound in crude oil price (from USD 47 to USD 57 for Brent) since the agreement settled by OPEC in Vienna in early December seems to be consistent with the expected price trend for the next few months if the deal is respected (albeit at the high end of the expected rate of [...]

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Oil production cut announcement in Algiers: OPEC plays it like the FED

It did not take long for media to trumpet that OPEC reached an historical agreement in Algiers on September 28th and for markets to react accordingly. It seems the vast majority of observers and investors are buying the story of a concerted action among OPEC producers, possibly extending beyond OPEC, which will promptly eliminate current [...]

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Saudi Aramco IPO implications – part 2: the cost of accessing the corridors of power

After Muhammad bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s deputy Crown Prince, told The Economist on January 7 that Saudi authorities were considering an IPO of the national oil company, Saudi Aramco Chairman Khalid al-Falih spoke to The Wall Street Journal, confirming the listing of the main company and clarifying that “obviously the main company will include upstream”. [...]

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Saudi Aramco IPO potential implications – part 1: breaking the taboo

On January 7, Muhammad bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s deputy Crown Prince, told The Economist that Saudi authorities are considering an IPO of the national oil company Saudi Aramco and that a decision will be made in the next few months. For those unfamiliar with oil and energy matters, this is just typical business news. For [...]

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Shedding light on the current state of the oil market and geopolitics: a tribute to Calouste Gulbenkian

Today, Brent is flirting with the 40USD threshold, confirming oversupply which, far from being contained, is actually increasing, fed by last years’ growth in U.S. shale oil and the deliberate Saudi-led strategy over the last 12 months. Without a doubt, we’ll be seeing a flood of comments over the next few days along the lines [...]

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